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Archives for February 2004


It takes a lot to get everything configured the way I want. Right now I’m deep in the “ugly” phase, trying to arrange the content to my liking. (So many templates….)

assembling the pieces

all the big pieces of the site are in place now, using the default templates of their respective applications, and linked from the (mmm, ugly!) home page. I think I have one more major redirect (for media diet), but I don’t quite remember what the old folder name was. will have to look that up […]


found while cleaning my home office, a flip book of “do-it-yourself haiku” left open to this: Biting the orange The poem left in her hand Desire me, she said.

David Bowie in a dress

A few days ago, I was talking with a couple of people from a somewhat older generation, and I said something about having been a bit of a goth in my late teen years. (In response to a woman’s son having been rather grunge in about the same time period.) Which didn’t feel quite right […]


something fun and random, as in random phrases from the closest [x] to you: book: Osteomyelitis is an infection of bone and bone marrow. [AMA Family Medical Guide, 3rd ed.] CD insert: While most people are in dreamland, many stars shine brightly at night. [Deee-light, World Clique] something I wrote: epersonae domain host something written […]

mind made up

after looking at the sets in ephemera.org, I took another look at photostack, and yep, that’s what I want. I’ve got it installed already, just need to try it out with some photos…maybe redo one of my albums from last year? oh, and Mike? thanks, that was just what I needed to do myself.


I’m this way about a lot of things…. I’ve been reading tales of grad school woe and how sometimes you have to know when to say when, but I haven’t been paying attention to those warning signs at home, and goodness knows I’ve had enough times when I haven’t known how to let go and […]

working out the backlogs

I found a few “emergency weblog”-style entries from the interim page I had up in January, so I’ve added them here. along with the bits bemoaning my old host, there’s an entry on juvenalia and one on my trip to Calif. last month. I still need to post pictures, but that’ll wait until I’ve decided […]

the death of webmonkey

Webmonkey, RIP: 1996 ? 2004 here’s the complete text of my email to Paul Boutin, in response to his blog post: When I first started doing Web stuff (c. 1999), Webmonkey was my constant guide and companion. Tables gave me fits to start with; Webmonkey’s analogy of the divided picnic plate got me to the […]

politics in Washington state

Absolutely, but it’s all waste, you know. That’s all your tax money goes towards — paying for state employees to loaf on the job. What’s more important is THE CHILDREN. Let’s eliminate taxes and give all our tax revenue to THE CHILDREN. (Don’t laugh, I just described Washington state the last ten years.) – Dylan […]