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Archives for November 2002

somethin’ neat

– alignment test (for later – it’s too long for right now – oh, and thanks, Shanda!)

girlism, con’t.

only a brief comment, at this point. while the cute & flirty description feels alien to me, I do have one little bit of stereotypically feminine behavior that might be worth mentioning in this context, which oddly enough stems from a stereotypically masculine perspective (?). I don’t like admitting that I don’t know something. not […]

speaking of thankful for the internet…

– Weblogs, 25 years into the future: “Ironically the cult’s website doesn’t validate.” – Eroding personal time (my own $0.02: I think what is, or could be, happening here is that the boundary between work and notWork (as my personal email sig says) is becoming more & more porous, as the Web makes it possible […]


we will be making it a quiet thanksgiving this year – just the two of us & a bit of dinner (what, we still haven’t decided – there will be grocery shopping). I’ve been considering what I’m thankful for this year…. I’m thankful most of all for the presence in my life of the wonderful, […]

sleep as a function of mental well-being, and girlism?

this morning I overslept. my alarm went off, just like always, and I dozed a little while listening to KIRO…woke back up an hour later. too late to actually dress & shower before heading on my way. I suppose I could’ve made it, just barely, with C driving hell fast to meet the van, but […]


– Nomad histories 001: Hong Kong – plumbing discussion board (yes, really)

a sort of emotional disability

on Friday I finally caught the Buffy episode where Joyce dies. amazing TV. on the surface, I was reminded of when Dizzy’s adopted kids’ mom died. but what made me weep – sob, really – was just thinking of my father’s death. it feels like there’s a short circuit in my brain, whenever I see […]

one thing my sister & I have in common

we’re both fascinated by quirky tarot decks. (I have 3? 4? and used to read back in high school.) today’s nifty set (courtesy Boing Boing): Playtarot, made with photos of playmobile!

cool science link

– National Institute of Standards and Technology, Reference for constants, units and uncertainty (a reference for uncertainty?!)

for C, for Lisa

– protest against skateboard ban by park architect (Ed Bacon, father of Kevin & author of Design of Cities) I originally saw this on Matt Haughey’s site, and I liked what he had to say about it.