sleep as a function of mental well-being, and girlism?

this morning I overslept. my alarm went off, just like always, and I dozed a little while listening to KIRO…woke back up an hour later. too late to actually dress & shower before heading on my way. I suppose I could’ve made it, just barely, with C driving hell fast to meet the van, but it just didn’t seem worth it. so we got bagels and coffee and he drove me up; I was only a half-hour late, and in much better sorts besides. it was a good day.

I’m still working out what I need to do for sleep in my current situation.

I’m following the various discussions following the Girlism post. (Shirley [brain fart: that would be Shelley] links to many responses) I first saw it linked from Dave Winer, who, for all his other charms, I don’t really trust in matters gender-related [doh! got interrupted & accidentally hit publish instead of just post – and didn’t realize it until much, much later. my apologies], and it immediately rubbed me entirely the wrong way. From Shelley:

In my computer technology field, which is one of the most heavily male-dominated professions, I have never once seen a woman use flirting, begging, winking, stomping their feet, showing off their long legs, dressing sexy, or anything of this nature to get their way. If anything, women are less likely to display emotion on the job in my field than the men. Why? Because of statements such as these, saying that there is a double double standard and that women are using ‘girly’ ways to succeed.

And in the female-dominated workplaces that I’ve been in (library, non-profits, community college), I’ve never seen that either – “girlism” would’ve been ignored, ridiculed, or gossipped about by most of the (mostly middle-aged) women that I’ve worked with over the last 10 years. Sometimes there’s a certain additional forgiveness of bursts of emotion, the crying Shelley talks about later in the same entry, but not always.

there’s a deeper thought fighting to be expressed here, and I can’t quite get at it…and I really, really, really don’t want to overgeneralize, which I think happens quite easily in these discussions. (as always, I feel the most resonance with what Dorothea says, although this time she doesn’t actually say what I want to say, merely something I can get behind.)

addendum: and what is it with Dave W. & Shelley P.? every time something interesting gets going with either of them (esp. in the comments on Shelley’s site), the other seems to come crashing in as a great mass of negative energy. to both, I’d commend Mark Pilgrim’s posting “A Thousand Battles.”