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Archives for October 2002

this is officially hell cool

not that I haven’t had internet access in my living room before, but this is the first time that it’s come in from another room & another computer. yeah, I finally figured out the networking thing, with a positively antique hub. for the time being, the cable is strung rather loosely across the hall & […]

I thought I was getting a cold:

sniffly, sore throat, and a particular wooziness. but last night I actually got a reasonable amount of sleep, and today I worked at home, and tonight I feel much more like a real human being. in other news: on Tuesday night, I was watching Buffy, and Willow was wondering if another character were “Googleable”. first […]

for c.

– Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography – Microsoft Make-up

prior art & generosity

– The Prior-Art-O-Matic: “It’s a featureless cube that pings when it’s ready!” 🙂 also, David W. writes about generosity, arrogance, writing and the web (in just a few pithy paras, also managing to throw in a story about Byte magazine). I talked about the unpleasant neurosis I share with many writers: the need to be […]

“The bottom line is…

I don’t trust this president and his advisors.” Rep. Pete Stark also, I’m apparently late on this one, but it sort of amuses me: War Cry. the more I think about this war thing, the more I get sick to my stomach.

now I’m going

okay, it’s time for me to get moving; there’s a pile of aspen boughs still calling my name, not to mention an enormous pile of little papers in the front room, not merely calling my name, but actively taunting me. oh, and I want to use my J&P gift certificate, so there’s a phone call. […]

this just continues to blow my mind

as a writer, I find this mildly terrifying: Ninety-eight percent of all books are inaccessible to my child for any amount of money… – Riding along with the Internet Bookmobile

too long to read right now

– The Netword Society – The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Emergence of Recreational Evil (both via Rebecca Blood)

lost and found

– aqTree2 – file under list, menu, tree, or click to expand. (seems to work in Moz and IE. not likely to work in Opera or N4.)