I thought I was getting a cold:

sniffly, sore throat, and a particular wooziness. but last night I actually got a reasonable amount of sleep, and today I worked at home, and tonight I feel much more like a real human being.

in other news:
on Tuesday night, I was watching Buffy, and Willow was wondering if another character were “Googleable”. first time I’ve heard anything like that on TV.

bad news in the blogosphere…John Hiler has Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, and one of stavros’s oldest friends was in the blast in Bali. makes the ongoing snarkiness over RSS, or the debates over CSS font sizing, look pointless by comparison. (and aren’t they just.)

found via Mark P. – algorhythm.org – good stuff.

oh, and this caps an old discussion amongst friends: Earthlink to offer blogging tools. (via blogroots)