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Archives for April 2002

I’m sited in this paper

I’m sited in this paper about women and IT careers (as is Tom, fascinatingly enough) – scroll down to “Why Women Choose Information Technology Careers: Educational, Social, and Familial Influences” cleaning Opera bookmarks: …12 things no one tells you about having a weblog… …the world’s smallest digital camera… …Has Grammar Lost Its Technological Edge (or, […]

because they charge $60 to

because they charge $60 to install. WTF? neato links for today: …Karl Auerbach, ICANN board of directors… Periodic tables: condiments and funk! …MeFi projects mailing list… …BlogRoots?

Did it actually publish? the

Did it actually publish? the ISP cut out rather abruptly in the middle of “generating pages” – dial up just chaps my hide. we got one of those “we want you back” cards in the mail, offering three months of cable internet for $19.95 a month. so I imagine we’ll go for it. why the […]

So exciting! Today I went

So exciting! Today I went to the NetPrep Gyrls group at the Boys & Girls Club, talked about being a Web Manager, how I got into Web design, that sort of thing…and then helped the girls write their first Web pages. Not quite as overwhelming an experience as the Summer Camp thing last year, but […]

the life of this ‘blog

the life of this ‘blog is quite short – I’m going to consolidate everything once my domain name propagates to the new address. although I’m having ridiculous trouble getting a jpg uploaded. hrm.

I still haven’t heard anything

I still haven’t heard anything from my (alleged) new web host. grumble…. check that – I probably won’t hear from them until Monday, since it’s 8-20 business hours. ah well. (edited 5:08 pm, PDT)

okay, I busted out of

okay, I busted out of that story a little quickly so that Chad could use the phone. then again, that’s all there really is to it. the use of type in historical movies – I think I saw this first on Joe Clark’s site, but didn’t look at it until it popped up today on […]

went down to Oly last

went down to Oly last night to see Chad’s friend Keith’s band – Who Cares – play at the 4th Ave. A very odd experience. We got there early and went for ‘za at Old School – yum. I would not have thought that broccoli would’ve been good on pizza, and yet I’ve been proven […]