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Archives for April 2002

the lightbulb just went on.

the lightbulb just went on. I have a hook for the longer version of SimpleWeb – “a tale of two gerbils” – structure the whole thing around putting together a specific project, in this case, the home page for Antom and Maurice (RIP).

I link because I love.

I link because I love. “according to my blog’s opinion poll…” 😉 christ on a crutch…John Hiler is only 27 – I never would’ve guessed. “John W Dean made this announcement : He’s gonna reveal the identity of Deep Throat on June 17th.” [quote cite] wow. Watergate is a part of my mental landscape, tho […]

linky goodness: text arc –

linky goodness: text arc – must play with this later a glossary of terms useful in critiquing sci-fi – I just wish it had an index. 20 faces – serif fonts used for book text, with commentary

so after a spate of

so after a spate of small notes to self, wacky links, etc., I feel the desire to ‘blog a little more extensively, more in the journaling style of old. but at the same time I’m hesitant. it’s the usual dilemma of a public journal – how much of what I write here can be a […]

and I can’t figure out

and I can’t figure out what I was trying to do with my list of links, some kind of weird things with arrays, it looks like. ack. I just don’t grok arrays.

static footer demo – because

static footer demo – because I’m a geek. tonight I’m gonna integrate this into my new site, I swear.

yes, if I spent half

yes, if I spent half as much energy on being aware and assertive as I do on being melodramatic, I’d probably have a much more fulfilled life. (but still….)

ugh. I feel sick and

ugh. I feel sick and stupid and slow. mea cupla. or as Homer would say, “let’s just say I’m sorry for the whole thing up to this point.”