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three emails down (K, Eliz,

three emails down (K, Eliz, and Jeff), who knows how many to go. oh, and I downloaded Trillian. perhaps IM is in my future?

I should be writing email,

I should be writing email, I need to write to: Irina the div. hair guys Susanne Elizabeth K Mona Paula and probably a bunch of other people I haven’t even thought of. I don’t why it’s always such a chore for me. it’s not as though these people are folks I want to avoid; I […]

my thoughts on weblog -

my thoughts on weblog – content management systems Blogger deadly easy to set up. free. easy to customize. the archive system in a pain in the ass. hard to add images. hard to add commenting. Movable Type haven’t finished setting this up, which I guess is the biggest problem. apparently I don’t have the right […]

an oddly named ‘zine about

an oddly named ‘zine about religion hrm. how did this suddenly become an old skool ‘blog with the linking and the listing and the hey hey?

blah blah blah. do I

blah blah blah. do I have $35 to get Blogger Pro? do I want to do a mix of weblogs – one Blogger, one Movable Type, one Radio? that could be sort of interesting, I think.

See all your fonts at

See all your fonts at once (requires Win 2k or XP) links re: IBM & the Holocaust book site images an old MeFi thread the source of all MeFi kittens? “I don’t like your examples”

sometime soon to post my

sometime soon to post my thoughts on IBM & the Holocaust. a hard book to read, and even harder to put down.