Wil Wheaton (no, really!) always

Wil Wheaton (no, really!) always has the most interesting quotes.

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we would find in each man’s life a sorrow and a suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


oh, and he’s gone to MT as well. I’ve asked Susanne if my account supports it, and if so, I may be leaving the beloved blogger, at least for one of my weblogs.

will I go to Blogger Pro? That is the $30 question, isn’t it?

we visited the BG clubs

we visited the BG clubs tech club yesterday – wow. they really did it. after having volunteered there, when the computers were all old & broken down, and the room was dilapidated as well, it’s pleasing – having been with Chad through all of his conversations with those guys a year, year & a half, ago…damn. what a lovely thing.

of course, I had to bug Marc about teaching the kids about validation & accessibility. who knows, maybe I’ll end up volunteering to teach it. 🙂

oh, and Brotherhood of the Wolf. better than LotR. and I have a hard time saying that, as you can imagine. big gorgeous scary sexy…and in French, too! (she sez, as the credits roll: “oh yeah, that’s why the french revolution was so crazy.”)

more changes. what think y’all

more changes. what think y’all (whoever you are) of the colors? that bright blue is pretty extreme, eh?

plus, now all the archives, starting from last April are available from one (non-ugly) page. of course, they’ve now lost all their original templates, but that’s life. and the one thing that I really don’t like too much about Blogger. I want to see all the weird designs from over the many months (and someday years, I suppose) – which makes me glad that I changed files names a while back – you can still access the spring & summer entries in all their blue/green/yellow glory. 🙂

very astute readers will notice

very astute readers will notice that I’ve made a few tiny changes in the site. more are coming, in line with my new enthusiasm for structure, validity, & accessibility.

oh, and I might try a movable type weblog too.

crazy dreams last night –

crazy dreams last night – and all weekend. last night, I was at the reunion. I’m honestly not sure if it was a good dream or a bad one. but I woke up really tired.

oh, and I’m gonna see

oh, and I’m gonna see if I can use the weblog effect to get this into Google’s findings for “Tupperware” – help me out by linking to the story below.

yeah, they made some great products when I was a kid, but if this is how they’re training their “consultants” then maybe it’s about time to get some flame going….

okay, so here’s the tupperware

okay, so here’s the tupperware story.

last night, we went out to talk with some potential gamers – great conversation, and I’m thinking the gaming will go well once it starts. (grown-ups, and they are local!) then off to Fred Meyer for fun stuff like cat litter and new pillows. we get home around 9 pm, planning on making a little snack, watching the news, then off to bed. (ya, we lead way glamorous lives.)

the machine is blinking, its little red light flashing the presence of one new message. I’m wondering if it’s one of the q guys, checking to see if I’m still alive.

but no.

Anita, Tupperware consultant, wanting to know if we want to host a party & get a free gift. you’ve got to be kidding! of course, we’re both just wondering…why the *@#% is she calling us? so Chad picks up the phone and calls. I didn’t get to hear her end of that, but it sounds like she got my name from “a friend.” wha? we talk for a bit, laughing, mostly. then I decide to call, since she asked for me.

from memory:
I ask where she got my name.
from a friend
and who is this friend?
Michelle (or it might’ve been Melissa, I don’t have my notes here.)
Michelle who? (’cause I’m still thinking that this is my friend.)
Michelle…Smith (the Smith part I remember…because it made me pretty damn suspicious.)
what’s her phone number?
that’s private (now I’m kinda pissed.)
so’s my phone number.
oh, I’m sorry; it’s not listed? (some serious snotty attitude here.)

so I ask her to put me on her “do not call” list, like I do to all the telemarketers. she says she doesn’t have one. I’m not sure if I said that was the law, or something about soliciting. here’s where she goes into the line that she’s not soliciting.

and here’s where Chad breaks in & asks me to put it on speakerphone…which is where life always gets a little exciting in our household. the next minute or so was escalating shouting & accusations, serious bad attitude from Anita, she’s not selling anything, etc., etc. she’s going to call the phone company and have our number blocked. (that would be lovely; I’d be happy to do the same to you, babe.)

hang up the phone. a minute later, the phone rings. now it’s Anita’s friend. again, speakerphone, and we ask where they got our number. turns out…the phone book. (I’m wondering how many other Nelsons in Lakewood got a call last night….) again I ask to be put on the “do not call” list, Chad bitches her out about unwanted solicitation calls. and they insist that they’re not soliciting. yeah, sure, uh-huh.

I guess Chad called the Attorney General today, to figure out what the law is. might be about time to bust some amateur telemarketers! 🙂

and now I know why he calls that sort of thing “cheap therapy” – it’s kinda fun….

I wonder what it’s like,

I wonder what it’s like, being a cult web figure. seems like fun, although it doesn’t seem to be getting him a job, more’s the pity. what could I do to become a cult figure? hmmmm. start a weird art/writing project. create a quiz. write something quirky.

or perhaps the days of the cult web figures of yore are past, and I’ve missed yet another artsy bandwagon. gosh dern it.