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Archives for December 2001

it’s 11 pm, on the

it’s 11 pm, on the west coast of the US, and the web is quiet. those to the east of us are finishing up their celebrations, or starting the first day of 2002, and there’s not much from west of here ’til the date line. me, I’m sitting at my computer, the glow of little […]

less than 10 hours until

less than 10 hours until this year is entirely gone. I suppose it’s time to update my timeline. 😛 2001: a new job and yet another place to live. I finally finish a complete draft of Aila, although the group that helped me get there spend most of the year crumbling in various ways. I […]

he discovered the magic of

he discovered the magic of Photoshop this weekend, which is a damn beautiful thing to behold. cool crazy things with Nat’l. Geo maps, hand-drawn sketches, and the scanner. (the best Xmas gift ever – and that, from 2 years ago! thanks mom.)

today’s music attempt seems to

today’s music attempt seems to be going a little better than yesterdays. I totally muffed a transition on the piece I was writing yesterday, and today I tried again with a new piece with much better results. actually, I think it’s kinda catchy. 🙂 two new projects I want to start on for myself this […]

I bought myself some cheep

I bought myself some cheep music mixing software at Half Price Books the other day, so this evening was all about wacky techno/trance music. frankly, I’m a half-assed musician, but I’m having fun nonetheless. (sort of like the semester I took ceramics.) if I can get the MP3 export function to work, I might post […]

but I do have a

but I do have a big ol’ stack of letters from HEA. which makes me wonder if there’s another box kicking around here someplace, because I should have a stack of letters from other people. ’cause, y’know, people used to write letters on paper. few better than herself. (who seems to have taken up running, […]

well, here’s the other thing.

well, here’s the other thing. I didn’t go to group the other night, and I didn’t warn anyone aforehand, and nobody’s tried to get ahold of me, either. (no one did after I begged off the last time – bad headache, thought I was getting sick.) and I’ve been thinking, again, much as I did […]

oh, and note to K

oh, and note to K – I actually can’t find the journals from that period. they might still be around, but right now it looks like there’s a gap from 1986 until 1991. I’ll admit I find that a little troubling.

many, many days (okay, 4)

many, many days (okay, 4) since I was last able to write, and longer than that since I’ve been even remotely verbose. just got home from trying to game with some people at the Game Matrix. not very cool, really. dude was all set up with some kind of goofy scifi – fantasy crossover. bleh. […]

just a quick post –

just a quick post – I’ve pretty much taken the weekend off from using the computer – trying to give my hands a break. but this is turning out to be a lovely holiday season, despite my own best efforts. 😛 (if you were expecting a card from me, you might get one for new […]