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Archives for July 2001

ahhh, web log. so, what’s

ahhh, web log. so, what’s log-worthy tonight? I just sent off Matt’s round robin to Barry. I need to write, clean the upstairs room, and empty the dishwasher, probably not in that order. I’m getting close with Aila – altho I might have jinxed myself by mentioning being “almost done with a sci-fi novel” today. […]

so Jenny Dixey (digital eve)

so Jenny Dixey (digital eve) says she is having problems reading some of the text on this site. I still can’t quite figure out why. I guess I’ll have to troll thru the CSS & see what I can find. maybe it’s an issue of conflicting sizes. I just haven’t had time. but my mood […]

in the background: an old

in the background: an old episode of ST:TNG. “everybody’s playing…wanna try?”

okay, I may need to

okay, I may need to curtail this moment. 🙂 it’s after 11 pm, and I’m actually cleaning out one of my mail.com mailboxes. I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks. “wireless is catching a big fish & a small fish at the same time” yeah, sure, uh-huh. whatever you say. if someone from my […]

yeah, the st. john’s wort,

yeah, the st. john’s wort, and the exercise. this last few weeks only really makes sense as a result of bad brain chemicals, because in some ways, things are better in my life than they’ve ever been.

the password validation – even

the password validation – even logging out – editing user information, all sorts of “tidyness” things, plus the boatload of suggestions that I got from Ken…it works! still not exactly gorgeous; I may have to take another look at it after everything works.

mmmm…I think the st. john’s

mmmm…I think the st. john’s wort is kicking in. this afternoon/evening I’ve gotten some amazing work done. all the goofy little problems with the work order database are just unravelling themselves, ever so neatly.

woohoo! I passed my driving

woohoo! I passed my driving test, and I now have a driver’s license!!!!!! (yes, I think that calls for a couple extra exclamation points.) I was nervous, but not unduly so. the examiner was surprisingly cute – I think I was expecting some middle-aged guy like the one I took driving lessons from a couple […]

I think I’m done. what’s

I think I’m done. what’s left? poetry page photo album standards & accessibility testing reindex search (add meta tags?) reattach archives of course, I also need to work on my remaining side projects: New DAY, Diversity Hair, and Zografis. <sigh> a web designer’s work is never done!