Another day, another log. :)

Another day, another log. 🙂 Yesterday I spent many, many hours playing Axis & Allies with Chad – the longest we’ve ever gotten into a game (usually I get bored/frustrated) – didn’t even realize how long we’d been playing until it was midnight!

This is a good side effect of no TV. I am continuing to search for the silver lining in this experience. Oh, the sad tale of electromagnetic interference…only I’ve been too lazy to do anything about it. Damn Clover Park radio station. Ahhhh, I just sent them a snarky email. That makes me feel much better.

I’d love to blow up that tower. But of course, I would never….

Oh, hell. I just wrote

Oh, hell. I just wrote out this long philosophical thing about the impermanence of web sites (!), the joys of my new Handspring Visor, and how redecorating & cleaning is making me happy…and I think I hit the wrong button. 🙁

talk about impermanence….

Okay, I tried it. Not

Okay, I tried it. Not necessarily thrilled with the way it looks – some bugs to work out with the formatting. But I definitely like the idea of writing my weblog w/out having to FTP, have my zip disk with me, etc., etc. (I suppose it would be more exciting if I traveled more.)

I’m posting my first weblog

I’m posting my first weblog entry from Blogger – and my first entry from home, too. I’ve been playing around with my photo album, putting on pictures of myself. (If there isn’t more than a photo of me in a tank top, then I haven’t gotten around to uploading the new version.)

Of course, all this is essentially procrastination. I really should be working on my novel. the task of reweaving the section with Reboa is rather daunting, probably because I keep procrastinating. 🙂

I’m going to try posting this and see what happens….