ugh. the weather looks generally

ugh. the weather looks generally nasty – and I am wrangling javascript. I’ve never quite understood it all the way – so I always get bogged down when I try to figure things out myself. maybe I will go looking for some free script…..

random moment of blogging. still

random moment of blogging. still raining. feeling a little buzzed from sharpie ink (on a box in my office) and jelly beans. I need to pee, but don’t want to put on my boots to go down the hall. (this is a reason to miss UWPC – no one would blink an eye if I walked to the bathroom in my stocking feet.)

the most useless feature of my office are the cupboards – why did they do that?! I’d rather have a bookshelf, and put the extra desk under the window. bleh.

mom sent chocolate for Easter

mom sent chocolate for Easter – thanks, mom! (I think mom needs her own web page – or maybe not.) the rain is really coming down, which is a good thing. I lived through drought once, I’d like to not do it again.

rearranged the office a little

rearranged the office a little again. I think I liked it better the other way. mostly, I need to find a spot where I can do my stretches.

which reminded me to make an appointment with my doctor – I actually managed to get it right after my next physical therapy appointment. (the one problem with all this good care – the office visit fees are going to cost me an arm & a leg! and I really need that leg, too.)

the morning is a riot

the morning is a riot of little birdies between my house and the college. and all the trees and hedges are budding out, too. the grass is getting shaggy. actually, I need to fix my mower so I can take the grass in my own yard down a bit. so despite today’s grey skies, spring feels close on.

I always feel such relief at this time of year. not that I don’t love the brisk chills and downpours of winter (not to mention the occassional snow), but spring is always so wonderful – the light, the warmth (well, sort of), and more than anything else, the progression of green and flowers.

last night I actually did some work on Aila – pieced in the extra scenes, started on integrating them into the main narrative. also did some minor revisions, based on the notes I’d already made. maybe tonight I’ll have a chance to write some more of the missing scenes.

so I keep writing. maybe

so I keep writing. maybe I should use this (my log) to write the exercises I have to do for this week’s Q meeting. (I keep referring to it that way, tho we are now only half of the original Q.) a story from 3 perspectives…..

1) 3rd person, limited
2) 3rd person, limited (another person)
3) detached narrator

I want to write something for my novel, but I can’t decide on a scene. I’ve been thinking of the bath scene with the gardeners, which I have this instinct is going to be meaningful somehow.

feeling a lot better. I

feeling a lot better. I had a good lunch, and I’m having a sharp productive afternoon. making drawings again, which is always a good sign for me. the hard part is getting the curves into Fireworks. well, that, and avoiding the message light on my phone.

it always helps for me to have good tunes, too, and I’m cranking Tones on Tail again. (for previous inspirational moments via ToT, view source on the web site from my old job.) but I can’t find the disk at home, which is somewhat troubling. if I’ve lost it, there will be hell to pay!

I can’t figure out where

I can’t figure out where to start today – have done a few random things, but nothing very serious. I keep looking over at the terrifying pile of papers behind me. someday soon they will attack, leaving nothing more of me than a few shreds of paper….

this is sort of addictive, having a weblog that is this drop-dead easy to use. I may pass this on to the web admin team, as a way to create discussion groups. I like it a lot!