I’m playing around with a

I’m playing around with a new design. fairly simple, but with a weird palette. it’s always such an arduous experience to overhaul my site, but at the same time I really enjoy it. must be masochistic or something. 🙂 but it keeps my brain fresh, too.

this morning I was walking

this morning I was walking through the block of portables, and as I came out on the north side, I saw 3-5 little birds with black heads tumble out of a tree, twittering wildly, then take off, flying in swoops and swirls. I wish I’d had a camera.

yes, it is spring. despite – or because of – the clouds and rain, the air is mild and all the trees are leafing out.

it’s been a couple of

it’s been a couple of days – nothing too exciting to mention. Jennifer & Jerry came over for Easter brunch. played more Sims.

Jason & Emily had a baby – Eileen. Emily & Joan (the Elf) have fallen in love. Emily and Jason had a fight when Jason was flirting with Jane. Jason made friends with Frankie. Their house is getting HUGE. I added another family – single mom with 2 girls. (oh, and Jason got promoted – now he’s a game designer.) all that in…well, maybe I’d better not say how many hours. 🙂

hmmm…I just lost one of my MSIE windows. perhaps I should go save everything before my computer blows up.

I think I want to

I think I want to write a “narcissism” section of my web site – since isn’t that what a personal web site is all about? 😛

I’m drinking chai out of

I’m drinking chai out of the enormous MIT mug. that was such a fun trip – when was that, 2 years ago? I’d like to do some more traveling. maybe I’ll actually use some of my insane amount of vacation time to go someplace new. then again, since we never have any money, maybe we won’t.

I’m reading the “100 Dumbest moments in e-business history” – makes me glad I didn’t get that job at Insynq. the bubble seems to be bursting. Kat told me a couple of months back that community colleges are an elastic industry, meaning that they can grow even (especially?) in an otherwise troubled economy. woohoo!

‘course, I feel for her – temping as things shrink, as amazon folks get laid off, flooding the market with other folks with the same entry-level clerical skills…. somebody needs to publish her novel(s). (I’d’ve put a link there, but it isn’t online. more’s the pity.) same with all us Q writer folks. (I still include Kat in this, tho she is remaining outside of the group.) Barry is getting really sharp in his writing, and in his understanding of the craft – Bruce’s revision of his novel is a great read – Matt’s novel continues to intrigue with its twists and turn. and then there’s my stuff…. I need to put together another chapbook of poetry – but I’ve got short stories, poetry, and my first novel is rolling along quite nicely.

I did finally manage to put the separate scenes into the main narrative, tho I have yet to fully integrate them. but I’m feeling pretty psyched about the process.

should go do some cleaning now, I think. we are having Chad’s parents (Jerry & Jennifer) over for brunch tomorrow – the first time they’ve been to the new house.

mmmm…breakfast is a good thing.

mmmm…breakfast is a good thing. Brenda in IT brought in all sorts of food – I think for Easter. so I had sausage, hard-boiled egg, waffles, and nut bread, plus fruit juice. (this post is going the way of the BLT post below….) in any case, I feel more awake, which is a good thing, because I stayed over at Kat‘s house last night after the group. of course we stayed up ’til midnight, talking – I showed off my Visor, she showed off her PlayStation 2, her cats fought. she says they’re way more rambunctions when I’m there.

and then I have to get up at 5 am to catch all the buses to get me here by 8:30. bleh. but I had a good story idea on the way down.

not much time for writing

not much time for writing today. I wish I could’ve been outside. the sun is shining like mad.

I feel buzzed from too many jellybeans. gotta love easter.