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Padstow Cowl

November 7, 2018

Pretty simple colorwork after the first couple of rows. Both yarns are fairly sticky, which I think helped keep an even tension. Number of stitches in the pattern made for a wider cowl than the picture really looked like, not quite …

Diamond Cap

It’s just way too big for me, and I think the smaller size would honestly be uncomfortable to knit. Going to have to find someone who it’ll fit and who will enjoy it, I suppose.

(Made with a handspun from Sarah that I don’t think I ever put in my stash, used up basically all of it.)

Rose City Rollers

color is SY-16 Columbine

decided to add the Mercury lace pattern at the start of the gusset because just stockinette is meh, and it feels like an ankle sock might be nice with lace