Port Gamble Socks

June 4, 2020

Cuff in same yarn as https://www.ravelry.com/projects/epersonae/recipe-of-the-… – had a tiny bit in my fingering scraps box, going to combine with some other blue yarns

June 5, 2020

Used variegated up thru row 7 of stst ankle, then a mid-tone blue (don’t remember what) up to heel flap, saving mid-tone for probably toes.

Shifting sock B over to do both heel flaps together, joining navy blue Wildfoote for heels and foot

June 16, 2020

Doing the toe in the mid-tone blue, which I believe is the same yarn as https://www.ravelry.com/projects/epersonae/basic-sock-wit…

June 23, 2020

probably a tiny bit too small? but good enough to wear.

kind of an old-style link dump

I’m? on? strike? today? – which from all the extra question marks is a big thing to say, but here we are. I’m not sure I’m yet in a place where I want to do a lot of writing about how I got here, only that I took today to do research and write to officials.

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(more information from Black Lives Matter Seattle)

So I’m going to drop a bunch of my research here in case it is useful for others, because looking stuff up is what I do. In no particular order:

Notably, this is mostly cop stuff, which is important but insufficient. It’s what I’m focusing on today but maybe not what I want to focus on long term.

The rest of these links should be considered somewhat aspirational, for my own reference and future work. (I know, I have Pinboard, but it’s a mess. This is also a mess, but at least it’s on one page for me to go back to.)

I’m doing a lot of thinking, and I’m trying also to take action, in ways that I can handle right now. I want to be accountable without making it a me me me thing, which is tricky, and why I’m writing it all out in my own space.

Desert Ripple

Still needs blocking, and will need fairly strong blocking to get rectangular.

A nice project for long stretches of meetings and videos (and yes, video meetings)

Did the buttonholes, not sure if at correct intervals. Not sure if I’m going to add buttons, will probably wait until I’m comfortable going to stores in person.

Pattern is very confusing to read in sections where color is changing and for buttonhole placement! Ended up copying into word and reformatting a couple of sections.

June 23, 2020

final dimensions after blocking: 17” x 62”

Fishnet Clog Socks

April 20, 2020

Started toe, realized it was way too big, pulled back to increases and stayed at 44 st vs 52 in pattern.

April 25, 2020

Discovered after finishing that I’d knit them with the wrong needle (2 ½ instead of 2)

Color Block Beanie

Tried to make a pompom but didn’t pull tight enough, and tbqh didn’t have enough of the blue. But a soft and comfy hat nonetheless.

Upright Women Wanted

Upright Women Wanted
author: Sarah Gailey
name: Elaine
average rating: 3.85
book published: 2020
rating: 5
read at:
date added: 2020/03/07
shelves: fiction
It’s like all the Western movies I watched with mom when I was a kid, but post-apocalyptic(ish) and fiercely queer. Also a very fast read, which honestly is kind of nice, I finished it in a single sitting.