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Cowl’d and Frosty Morning

January 31, 2017

In retrospect, with the color changing I should’ve added one row of stockinette to the start of each of the grey sections. But it still looks good, and Justin seemed to like it!

Drop Stitch Cowl

Making with mystery (probably worsted weight?) yarn from Thao.

December 1, 2016

So I got to the end of the yarn, and tbqh it’s not really scarf-length, although it looks amazing!

I’m going to try to graft the live end onto the cast on end…

January 23, 2017

Finally grafted live edge together with cast-on edge with a sort of modified Kitchener stitch. Looks pretty good!

On protest

I was in 11th grade when the first Iraq war happened. There was a protest at my high school. And I didn’t protest. I don’t remember exactly why; what I remember is standing next to my crabby af American history teacher. He had protested a bunch back in the 60s, dealt with addiction and alcoholism, […]

A Pussy Hat

January 18, 2017

I added some random cables (all left-leaning) on one side, just to make it more interesting.

It’s not long enough to wear with the ribbing folded over, but that’s my pref.

(Let’s just say that I used the pattern as a general guideline.)


Tubular cast-on! It’s magic! (Seriously, though: it’s tricky but makes a much nicer edge for ribbing!)

I probably could have made this a few rows longer, and I sort of wish I had. It’s a little close-fitting.

Was gonna be a present, but he was there when I finished it, so…