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The Photographer Hat

February 25, 2019

Ended up doing the stockinette section to about 8.5” total length in order to not run out of yarn. Not 100% whether it works with the drape, etc; will see when it’s blocked. Very warm/comfy tho.

Basically Perfect Baby Socks

I followed the directions for the correct size by age and they were terribly too small. Also, there’s something off about the heel, which I think is similar to the Fish Lips heel, and it just didn’t quite work.

Eowyn Mittens

Made these two at a time. There was a bit of a disaster during the gusset where I missed a few of the yo’s on only one mitt, but amazingly I was able to pull back, redo that one, and finish them 2 at a time. Did fewer repeats both in the cuff and after the gusset, because I know my preferences in that sort of thing. (They’re very cozy.)

e galactic mu

author: Sunday Williams
name: Elaine
average rating: 4.33
book published: 2012