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lean collaborative usability

I don’t have notes for the keynote, but I do have thoughts. more later? omg this room is too hot. nice slide of options for testing better screening helps with buy-in. reservio.com — I would also love to know what her screening questions look like. this whole slide about automating scheduling, Susan should look at. […]

avoiding the git of despair

gitforteams.com Features, Git, & Drush! I’m wondering if I really want more command-line-ish access, or if Justin does. Especially with committing theme changes. Also, I want to do some sketching about what the ideal flow looks like for theme, module, structure, and content. I’m not making a lot of notes in this one because there’s […]

site building like an engineer

the architecture, and complexity, of a drupal site is based on module selection. nice runthru of heuristics for module selection. special cases panels (“is it done the drupal way or the panels way?” and this is why I’m always skeptical) display suite views “I have this layer of complexity…do I use it?” domain access organic […]

battle for the body field

“I thought it was a training issue, but it’s not.” This story about the HR site for the multinational makes me think of issue with my.e.e, which the admin computing people solve by not actually using any Drupal features. (Then again, my.e.e isn’t really text.) [pope article after snowfall] this is the “blue box” problem, […]

morning thoughts

I found the Pre-note sort of dreadfully annoying, so I went out to one of the tables under the stairs, where the initial conversation was about hotels (Milner two blocks from the venue, my eye!) but then five of us were working together to help a gal from a college figure out a View. There […]

higher ed summit

Panel, no one in a communications or marketing unit — mostly folks who do contract sites for college departments, units, including chargeback models. Interesting: discussion about how they decide whether to use WP or Drupal for any given project. It’s so weird being here as a person from higher ed, but with no departments. Stanford […]

morning in LA

I’m up early because there was an incredibly loud garbage truck under my hotel window at 5:30 this morning, and the convention isn’t open yet, so I’m camped at the Starbucks between here & there. Yes, Starbucks. Because it’s open and I know it has wifi and I more or less know what to expect […]

Revolutionary Bag

This is a nice fast little project, and I’m mostly pleased with how it turned out. Grafting seed stitch is a PITA, though.

I also incorporated some code knitting — originally I was going to use the system from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sydney-carton-cowl but I did not care for the way the worked in this project. It’s a bit of a bear to wrangle, and it makes it more open than you’d want for a bag.

Instead, I did Morse code as per the incorporated pattern, using an online translator and graph paper. Because I was working bottom up, I basically had to do it upside down and backwards, which was less crazy than it sounds. After all, writing it out forwards gave me a chart that’s in the same style as regular charting! (I’m not sure if I’m explaining that at all well.) I tried creating a Morse knitting code JavaScript application, but didn’t finish before finishing this project.

Got in my first name plus two quotes, which makes a nice little pattern in the bottom third of the sides:

  • “Nothing that we do is done in vain” – a quote from The Tale of Two Cities.

  • “Fortune favors the brave” – from the Aeneid (and a tea bag tag on my office corkboard)

Why code? Why Tale of Two Cities? Someone at work made a joke about Madame Defarge in relation to my meeting-knitting, and so it’s been in my head for a while. :) Plus for this project specifically, I thought it would liven up the stockinette sides.

Belmondo Shawl 2

Once I restarted this near the end of March, it went really fast, so the time-to-finish is not particularly accurate. (I started while still working on the purple socks.) Decided to make this even bigger than the first one, which was itself about the largest size in the pattern.

I used 2 full balls of the “slate” (which is more purple than I expected), a ball of light blue, and about half a ball of silver/grey that was left over from the first shawl.

Still no fringe. Not my thing, I don’t think.

Just really wish I had a proper place to block something this large, TBH. I laid it out over a drying rack, but really only the top half was “blocked.”