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Lady Sweater

I still need to buy buttons, but it’s pretty much done. Overall, I enjoyed the knitting. It was quite straightforward, with the exception of working out the eyelet row. I probably should’ve gone up a size but I’m pleased with my first sweater!

Did 2 swatches – one on #8 which was a smidge large, and another on #7, which was just a hair small. Going with slightly small on the assumption that it’ll stretch over time.

4/24 – first “whoops!” – it’s hard to know how big to make a buttonhole if you haven’t picked buttons yet. :\ Also, my first-ever buttonhole, and I don’t think I got it quite right. (4 stitches?)

4/26 – 2nd buttonhole, slightly better than the first one, also found a few buttons of about the right size, might not use them but will make a good model.

4/28 – final buttonhole! Much better construction but not 100% sure it’s the same size. Also did the eyelet increase row with just the right number of YOs. (start w/YO, then one every 6 stitches, except last is 5st, then final YO.

5/1 – first row of lace, discovered I was short exactly 2 stitches. Made up for it by not doing decreases in last repeat.

5/2 – separated sleeves!

5/4 – now that I’m just on the body, it seems to go quite a bit faster.

5/6 – achievement unlocked! mild mangling of lace pattern, followed by getting back on track. Looks like it’s just on the front left panel.

5/13 – this feels like it’s going amazingly fast. Now I’ve got the pattern down enough that I don’t even need my reference card AND I can feel if I’ve gotten off track before it goes too far. :)

5/17 – started garter stitch for bottom edge!

birthday socks

Adjustments for two-at-a-time circular

(some of this was copied from notes on paper about two months after I finished the socks. YMMV.)

Heel flap

After the last row of the last leg pattern repeat:

(SL1,K1) across first 32 stitches of sock A
Turn to wrong side, SL1,P31
Continue to sock B, SL1, P31
Turn to right side and (SL1,K1) across same stitches.

Repeat for same number of rows/slipped stitches as in written pattern.

(Also going with (SL1/K1)* instead of SL1/K31 for right side because I like it.)

Heel turn

(something about this didn’t go quite right, but it’s now been two months, so I’m not sure what! here’s what I have written down in my notes, tho)

Turn heel B as per directions
K across
pick up 15

Turn heel A as per directions
K across
pick up 15
Row 1 lace
pick up 15

Sock B row 1 lace
pick up 15


not sure where the break is in this

A: K to last 2 – K2TOG – Lace pattern – SSK – K across
B: Lace pattern – SSK – K to last 2 – K2Tog

Revolutionary Bag

This is a nice fast little project, and I’m mostly pleased with how it turned out. Grafting seed stitch is a PITA, though.

I also incorporated some code knitting — originally I was going to use the system from http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sydney-carton-cowl but I did not care for the way the worked in this project. It’s a bit of a bear to wrangle, and it makes it more open than you’d want for a bag.

Instead, I did Morse code as per the incorporated pattern, using an online translator and graph paper. Because I was working bottom up, I basically had to do it upside down and backwards, which was less crazy than it sounds. After all, writing it out forwards gave me a chart that’s in the same style as regular charting! (I’m not sure if I’m explaining that at all well.) I tried creating a Morse knitting code JavaScript application, but didn’t finish before finishing this project.

Got in my first name plus two quotes, which makes a nice little pattern in the bottom third of the sides:

  • “Nothing that we do is done in vain” – a quote from The Tale of Two Cities.

  • “Fortune favors the brave” – from the Aeneid (and a tea bag tag on my office corkboard)

Why code? Why Tale of Two Cities? Someone at work made a joke about Madame Defarge in relation to my meeting-knitting, and so it’s been in my head for a while. :) Plus for this project specifically, I thought it would liven up the stockinette sides.

Belmondo Shawl 2

Once I restarted this near the end of March, it went really fast, so the time-to-finish is not particularly accurate. (I started while still working on the purple socks.) Decided to make this even bigger than the first one, which was itself about the largest size in the pattern.

I used 2 full balls of the “slate” (which is more purple than I expected), a ball of light blue, and about half a ball of silver/grey that was left over from the first shawl.

Still no fringe. Not my thing, I don’t think.

Just really wish I had a proper place to block something this large, TBH. I laid it out over a drying rack, but really only the top half was “blocked.”