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Fingerless Gloves

Strange to make this pattern again, given that it was one of my earliest projects! (Tucker’s Ashley has admired those a few times, so when I got some Cascade 220 for Christmas, I knew that was what I wanted to me.) Very pleased with it. Just need to sew up the side seam, but want her to pick where the thumb hole should fall.

Finally finished seaming, 6/29.

Sweater Vest

5/5 – doing gauge swatch on #9

5/6 – cast on while on the bus to SeaTac.

5/20 – separated front & back

5/22 – started V-neck shaping

Blue Nell

Cast on two-at-a-time.

5/21 – finished cuffs

6/2 – heel flap on 1st sock. (Went with 9 repeats of the pattern instead of 12, for more of an anklet feel.)

6/3 – finished turning 1st heel. started heel flap on 2nd sock.

6/17 – starting toe

the garden in May

I’ve missed a couple of weekly posts, and as it turns out, late May is one of the times when the garden goes wild. The first lupins have started to go to seed, as have the first California poppies. But we have enough of both plants that they’re still going strong. What else is blooming? […]


Why knitting is cool, and how you can try it too.

in the garden last week

Really only one day of being in the garden, but it’s looking lovely. Several new plants, too.

tourist day

In which I find cycling, art & parks much less exhausting than an enormous mall. Go figure.

Stitch Surfer KAL

Tried casting on several times over the last week, finally got it right today!

Did some weird things in the toe section in the non-W&T transition, until I reread the diagram before the instructions and realized that I was supposed to be twisting the strands together.

3/28 – started the heel what turned out to be too soon. :( will have to do some tearing back, hopefully not all the way back, since the foot so far is great.

Tore back &c over the first week of April, redid the heel on 4/4 and got into the leg!

4/16 – finished first sock!

4/22 – started second sock. Definitely easier the second time around.

5/5 – I probably could’ve make these a couple of inches longer, which would’ve been nice. Still very happy with them as is.

in the garden this week

I realized as I was puttering around in the side yard this weekend (between downpours) that I really ought to start keeping track of when things happen in the garden. So hopefully this will be a weekly thing. Trimmed dead blooms from candytuft Mowed paths through the garden Lilac in full bloom (fading slightly) Poplar […]