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Diamond Cap

It’s just way too big for me, and I think the smaller size would honestly be uncomfortable to knit. Going to have to find someone who it’ll fit and who will enjoy it, I suppose.

(Made with a handspun from Sarah that I don’t think I ever put in my stash, used up basically all of it.)

Winding Way Mitts

March 14, 2018

I had to rip out about 15 rows of the second mitt after realizing I should’ve started at a different place in the chart! But it knits up fast enough that it wasn’t a big deal.


TBQH, I’m very disappointed with the bind-off. I tried a stretchy one for a few stitched, didn’t like the look of it, and redid with my regular bind-off held loosely. It was too tight after blocking. 🙁

I may seriously unravel the bind-off and try again?

March 22, 2018

I unraveled the bind-off (undoing the woven-in edge was kind of a nightmare) and redid it with a stretchier technique (k2tog style) with a #8 needle in the contrast color. (Didn’t have enough of the MC.) I really like both the feel of the stretchier edge, nicer to wear, and the almost eyelet-like look with the contrasting color. MUCH BETTER.