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we got the approval letter from the credit union today. lots of papers to sign, homeowners’ insurance to find, but it’s all ours!


I left my keys in the house…and C. was out this afternoon/evening. obviously, I finally made it inside, and without too much clambering.

…but I play one on TV…

I’m not usually interested in biblical scholarship, but this was linked to in various spots, and included a line that seemed to connect to other recent thinking here: “After all, who would have understood the ramifications Europe’s discovery of movable type when the first Bibles were printed on Gutenberg’s press?” – This is Not a […]

today’s links

K reminds me of the visual thesaurus. font fun: the Alphabet Synthesis Machine and the Font Creation Program. this sounds like an interesting book…and also blogsisters. how fascinating. Delacour ties together the pseudonymity thread, RPGs and Japanese philophy/literature.


I just washed black newspaper ink off of my hands, having packed up all my breakable artwork, heirlooms (mostly teacups), etc. someone said to me last week, “you must have this [packing/moving] down by now.” to which I laughed and said that I’m a nervous wreck when I move. which is entirely true…at some point […]

to do, personal

packing/cleaning pull & pack: – winter clothes – extra blankets – candles & decorative odds ‘n ends – pots and pans – less used shoes – coats – stuff in the back of the coat closet – upstairs bathroom remove trash/paper from 2nd bedroom go through my files on 2nd computer – what needs to […]

idea from a dream

I think I had a dream about Middle Sunday at Steve & Paula’s, and it was such a pleasant dream. I want to have Middle Sundays at my new house. what was Middle Sunday? the third Sunday of each month, Steve and Paula would host a potluck – a whole day/evening of food and board […]

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