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wooden legs on 50 pounds a year

I was dead bored a couple of days ago, so I pulled my old The Complete Sherlock Holmes (if Powell’s is to be believed, it’s an out of print edition) off of the shelf. it’s amazing – I’ve read those little tales so often that I practically have them memorized. “ah, yes, the Five Pips […]

tom ka gai

ingredients: 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast 1 packet “coconut ginger soup mix” – made by Taste of Thai – I’ve found that not all grocery stores carry it, so you may have to hunt around rice (approx 1 – 1 1/2 cups uncooked) 1 can coconut milk (I buy the light kind, and don’t […]

expanding my brain

well, I was going to write more about the items linked below, but I find that I’d rather make dinner. although I will say that I like what K had to say about “any idiot” getting a weblog, and that it’s a speculation that I haven’t read anywhere else. no, don’t stay here for original […]

more blogosophy

- K weighs in based on my comments – The Psychology of Weblogs: Everything Old is New Again – dude, where’s my ontology? my instinct on the Web and post-reformation writing seems to be shared: On pseudonymity Pamphleteers and Web sites will actually write something about this later…

links o’ the day

the pleasures of cooking – I really need to cook more. it’s not just online books – the librarians are in an interesting place with digital info. blogathon 2002 photospace, pictures of a place I know that lunar eclipse I was talking about earlier avocadolite – neato blog linked by Jacob http://nomi.livejournal.com/ (mirror project person […]

eh, whatever

looks like burningbird & stavros continue to build up a good head of steam…but I don’t have the energy for it this afternoon.

prose fiction didn’t really hit

prose fiction didn’t really hit its stride until after the printing press. question: is this also true of non-fiction? what were the dominant forms for non-fiction before 1500? I seem to remember the heyday of the diary, in English lit, starting with the 1700s. creativity and technology are connected. how do you communicate the excitement […]

we are starting to clean

soon there will be a real live garage sale… stavros keeps it going – I posted my piece below in his comments; we’ll see if anyone takes notice, or if I continue to be the smallest fish in every goddamn pond I’ve ever been in. not that I’m bitter. css contest note the boy/girl ratio […]