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neato kean

– Pixel Decor – sorta gives me a hankering to redecorate my site. – Microsoft moves office beyond Office… – he says “my new desk!” – “The things we love flourish in the lover’s laboratory of clever ingenuities and doting stratagems.” – Authenticity, Identity – and Secrets – army blog – Tsui Design, city planning […]

can’t say more yet…

but I might be teaching a continuing education weblogging class! (Dori asks if I’ll be wearing my Blogger shirt. maybe.)

the ’60s

2060s, that is. according to a couple of life expentancy calculators, I should live until sometime around 2065. (longer if I manage to eat better, work out more, stress out less, and not get in any another car accident) damn that’s a long time. – Long to Live – Longevity Game (randomly enough, found through […]


I came home tonight to find a copy of HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS, 5th Edition, Visual Quickstart Guide in my mailbox. free. signed. with my name in the acknowledgements. I was a betatester – pretty thorough for the first few chapters, but then I got overtaken by moving and […]

something that runs in the blood? (inside joke)

“People could soon be sending e-mail from the hillsides, roadsides and rooftops of the south Wales valleys with the expansion of Europe’s densest wireless internet network. […] Run by non-profit enthusiasts backed by the Welsh Development Agency, the initiative already gives free high-speed internet access to users in a 10sqkm catchment area in the city […]


how to share an internet connection in Win2K but I want something with more diagrams. the “dummies” (marketing-speak) version: Using connection sharing is quite simple. You start by picking one of your computers to act as the single Internet connection, and then install a modem or a second interface card (for the DSL or cable-modem […]

wildly unrelated links

GWB throws a party…will anyone come? (via mightygirl) your hobbit name (via ev – this time.)


childhood memories are strangely proven right: Diet Coke is still nasty. (I wanted caffeine, but not so many Kcals. I think I’ll just drink black tea instead.)

excellent advice – I think I’ll take it

also from Rebecca, a page of advice for writing. I’ve had a very good couple of days on that front – readers in the know will understand when I say that I’ve been writing Marcus & Radla’s backstory(ies), and that it’s been both fun and useful. and because reading Rebecca’s Pocket always turns up good […]