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I don’t know if I should write this

while surfing around for links to reference re: a weblogging foundation, I turned up this. An End to Pain. stavros (somehow, I can’t write Chris and think of the same person), I am so sorry for your loss. reading about Rick’s experiences, and the experiences of those burned in the Bali blast, has turned my […]

the weblogging foundation

I’ve seen this idea bouncing about the blogosphere (see references at bottom), and yesterday I saw Mark’s comment about how RSS is eating his bandwidth, and this morning I was mentally doodling while in the shower, and this is what came to me. the weblogging foundation “promoting personal publishing efforts to encourage communication among the […]

various unrelated things

Oliver Willis thinks it means that blogging has jumped the shark. Mark Pilgrim marvels at how he can manage to stay on top of things after all these years. I’m just gonna smile: Doonesbury takes on blogging. didn’t know about this tech bookstore, and I really want this book….Bookpool (thanks, K!) fyi: best value notebooks. […]

sad beautiful words

I have no comment, but must quote: Getting towards midnight, with beer: Damn it, I want to drink and dance and sing, with my friends, Rick’s friends; I want to burn wood and smell the smoke and piss in the sea, shout at the moon, cry at the beauty of this world and swear eternal […]

what kind of world do we live in?

– For Richer – 11 page story in the New York Times about inequality in America, and how it’s grown over the last 20 years. quite disheartening.


today I returned a pair of lopping shears that I’d borrowed from our friends around the corner…and returned with a tray full of plants. (I have only a vague idea of where I’m going to plant them.) I’ve never been a gardener, and I’m fascinated to watch Dani work in her garden, which is beautiful […]

this is officially hell cool

not that I haven’t had internet access in my living room before, but this is the first time that it’s come in from another room & another computer. yeah, I finally figured out the networking thing, with a positively antique hub. for the time being, the cable is strung rather loosely across the hall & […]

I thought I was getting a cold:

sniffly, sore throat, and a particular wooziness. but last night I actually got a reasonable amount of sleep, and today I worked at home, and tonight I feel much more like a real human being. in other news: on Tuesday night, I was watching Buffy, and Willow was wondering if another character were “Googleable”. first […]

for c.

– Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography – Microsoft Make-up

prior art & generosity

– The Prior-Art-O-Matic: “It’s a featureless cube that pings when it’s ready!” 🙂 also, David W. writes about generosity, arrogance, writing and the web (in just a few pithy paras, also managing to throw in a story about Byte magazine). I talked about the unpleasant neurosis I share with many writers: the need to be […]