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lots of notes

pretty good panel, all the way around. I’m glad we went up to Seattle, even if the Mercer exit is it’s own mini-hell, and even if Rebecca wasn’t there. interesting discussion – lots of the usual weblog philosophy questions came up: what is a weblog, exactly; does anybody make money with them, what does it […]

tonight I’m going to this…

– Invasion of the Bloggers – which I found through Rebecca Blood. fyi, here are the actual weblogs of the panel members, since they’re so thoughtfully listed in the notice (not!): – Rebecca Blood (who apparently won’t be there. bummer!) – Gael Fashingbauer Cooper – Glenn Fleishman – Clark Humphrey

more found objects

– another blogger template contest – I am finding this a little odd, but am still tempted to submit. – googlevote – tried to do this with a public utility district commissioner position, but couldn’t find anything more than 2 news stories in the Olympian, neither very helpful. – japan mac casemodding – sexy. “He […]


– making the case for PHP at Yahoo! – search the 1880 census – women’s fashion, part 1 – love and statistics – the problem of the ping-pong effect


Ubiquitously yours: “[…] the alternative is too depressing to contemplate: innumerable daily interactions – intimate and subtly all-encompassing – each with the interaction quality of reformatting copy in Microsoft Word.” the Battlefield Earth of Flash – ew. Ice Age Haute Couture – for personal reference.

x-post from work

also [was part of another note]: 25 theses of information architecture – “Without human intervention, information devolves into entropy and chaos.” which is why Greyson (I miss him!) called me the Queen of Entropy (a promotion from Random Chaos Girl), I think. I’d like to say that my true calling in life is finding order/meaning […]

things that I am not, contrary to popular opinion

– Googlism (“elaine is”) although I don’t mind “elaine is king again” or “elaine is the sweetest girlfriend in the world”. 🙂

ra would dig this

(another person who I wish was blogging) – evil clown generator

early morning blogging

actually, early morning coding, because I can. I’ve also got a ton of house/yardwork to do, but I’ll get to that later.


(and yes, I know things are still wonky. I’m getting to it.) – The Voynich Manuscript – drove a man insane. dude. (I gotta remember to send this to Lance, as the page is at the University of California Riverside’s site, which is where he’s teaching.)