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yes, I’m feeling much better.

I still want to blog on these topics, reply to David W. again, and email my whole list with my moving info. actually, I’ll go do that right now…

on anger

I’ve been reading some of the blogging on anger lately, that started with burning bird’s post on the subject, and continued through the (fairly intense) discussion – plus what Dave Rogers had to say, and some of Dorothea’s thoughts (as usual, stavros borders on the truly absurd). and I’ve been trying to put my own […]

such a nerd

“your rating is 98.29% Sorry, you lost 1 point because you are using a Windows machine.” also, http://www.disinfo.com/


excellent essay on the music biz & the ‘net chess in 5k ideas for weblog forms – I’d love to try my hand at the dialog, perhaps for part of book 2? Olympia Poly Intimacy Network family & name history stuff: distribution of names in US census data (limited searches!) FamilySearch Behind the Name


from metafilter: “O/T: my all time favourite sexually suggestive billboard.“

the last one

and yesterday I got a phone call about something that might add to the coming chaos: my maternal grandmother is in the hospital with pneumonia. she’s almost 91 years old and has late stage parkinson’s disease; my aunt has been taking care of her for about a year, before that, she was in a facility […]

on being sick

I am still half-asleep, still half-dressed, in the middle of the day. midday tv is still much as it has been since I was a kid, though with more court & talk shows. commercials are still aimed at the injured, elderly, and unemployed. finally turned it off, though. drinking lots of juice, napping. sometimes it’s […]

one last thing

I’m also coming down with a cold…the same one that’s had C coughing like mad the last few nights. ergo: I am tired.