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celebrate the birth of your country by blowing a small piece of it up

I hate the 4th of July, if only because every yahoo in sight (and earshot) thinks it’s cool to explode fireworks for hours at a time…which was what happened last night. except, um, last night was only the third day of July, ya idiots! the poor kitties were so freaked out. as was I. I’m […]

so depressing.

the Internet Law Seminar, as blogged by Dan Gillmor – hard to navigate, but worth reading. makes me wanna cry…esp. when combined with this: “John Gilmore, original “cypherpunk” and all-around Internet supergeek, explains why the organization that runs the Internet is broken” (what’s with the Gil(l)mor(e) synchonicity?) and TCPA/Palladium FAQ. so I imagine I’ll be […]

creative outlets

on a scale of 0 – 10, based on current engagement and output – writing, fiction: 0 – writing, weblog: 7 (trailing down from an 8 or 9) – writing, paper journal: 4 – web design: 2 (I’ve been thinking about it) – jewelry: 9 – photography: 5

I ::heart:: Dorothea

Self-made culture In my more subversive moments, I dream that the States will turn away from the Culture Machine that is Hollywood, the RIAA, the New York Big Pubs, and their ilk – and rediscover that culture is something to be made as well as beheld. and she comes at this thought through gaming, for […]

huge batch of links that even I don’t remember what they all are.

these have been piling up for the last few days (week?): on the strangulation of webcasting: (oh, and I’m hella pissed that SomaFM is dead) – http://doc.weblogs.com/2002/06/23 – http://www.dnalounge.com/backstage/webcasting.html pervasive computing, and its intellectual ancestor: – http://oxygen.lcs.mit.edu/ – http://www.theatlantic.com/unbound/flashbks/computer/bushf.htm misc: – LiteON CD-RW – http://www.digital-web.com/contact_redesign.shtml – http://radio.weblogs.com/0108814/stories/2002/06/25/doctorsVsGeeks.html – http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/18074#296134 (this is how I feel about […]

something quirky

I’m thinking about taking my work on XML & XSLT and writing an XML-based commenting system. or quite possibly not…I’d actually need a new host, since I don’t think this one offers the PHP XSLT extension. oh, and I’d need to figure out how use said extension. (that was my task this morning, and I […]

right you are

K learns the zen. and yeah, I sometimes flub that button thing too…the one thing about blogger that strikes me as being well and truly poorly designed. it’s interesting seeing others go down the path of knowledge that one has already tread…especially when they end up at different conclusions. (joeclark is something else, ain’t he? […]


we got the approval letter from the credit union today. lots of papers to sign, homeowners’ insurance to find, but it’s all ours!


I left my keys in the house…and C. was out this afternoon/evening. obviously, I finally made it inside, and without too much clambering.