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Archives for February 2019

The Photographer Hat

February 25, 2019

Ended up doing the stockinette section to about 8.5” total length in order to not run out of yarn. Not 100% whether it works with the drape, etc; will see when it’s blocked. Very warm/comfy tho.

Basically Perfect Baby Socks

I followed the directions for the correct size by age and they were terribly too small. Also, there’s something off about the heel, which I think is similar to the Fish Lips heel, and it just didn’t quite work.

Eowyn Mittens

Made these two at a time. There was a bit of a disaster during the gusset where I missed a few of the yo’s on only one mitt, but amazingly I was able to pull back, redo that one, and finish them 2 at a time. Did fewer repeats both in the cuff and after the gusset, because I know my preferences in that sort of thing. (They’re very cozy.)