Drink recipe: Major Tom

At some point a few months ago, C got into drinking sparkling water with Tang, and I turned that into a bit of a mixed drink. Since he was calling his beverage an “Aldrin” in honor of the astronaut (because Tang), I’ve called my fancier version a Major Tom:

  • 1 rounded tablespoon Tang
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • 1 oz elderflower liqueur (I bet there’s other fancy things that would have a similar effect. We just happened to have a bottle of this.)
  • 1 oz white whiskey
  • about 10-12 oz sparkling water (club soda, whatever)

Mix in a pint glass and drink, although note that things get a little crazy when the Tang & the fizzy water interact, so mix accordingly. Usually I put in the Tang and about half the water and stir until it calms down, then add the other ingredients, then as much water as is left in the can.

Enjoy. 🙂