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Archives for February 2014

Reverse Rice Stitch Cowl

Didn’t make it quite as long as the pattern called for, but VERY pleased with the results. A nice simple repeating pattern, great for working while sick, and went nicely with this yarn.

Owl hat

Very pleased with this pattern. Nice simple hat, and the owl cables are adorable. It’s way too huge on me, which means it should fit the intended recipient just right. 🙂

Easy As Pie Tam

Did some of the knitting with magic loop, especially the decreases. My first time blocking a hat on a dinner plate, which helped a lot. Wish I’d made it a bit bigger/floppier, but I was nervous about running out of yarn. Even so it’s very comfy.

Sick day cowl

CO 20 st, 2×2 rib, changing colors every 4 rows, at least so far. Just a little something simple to keep my hands busy in meetings.

finished as a little cowl on a sick day.

Bamboo-Yak mitts

Knit two at a time, similar to method used with socks. After knitting about a half-dozen rows, reduced down through most of the wrist (K4 reduced to K3), then increased a few near the thumb gusset.

Really like how this thumb gusset is shaped, concerned at this point that the thumb portion of the pattern is a bit short for my hands.

Overall hand length is a bit shorter than I prefer, if I did it again would knit about 4 more rows in pattern. A smidge tight in the hands, probably shouldn’t have re-reduced. Still look nice, mostly pretty comfy.