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Archives for August 2013

class exercises

antonymic translation The moon set. A colorless sea had drained away from the cliffs, far from the soft drifts of seaweed, highlighting a deep sliver of darkness. A bright white scrim covered the water. The sand which had been hard-edged became soft in mists, hiding its features. Soft expanses of light glowed from the glass […]

reworking a graphic novel scene as text

[assignment: take a page or two – a scene – of Fun Home and rework it as narrative; I chose pg 27.] At reception after the funeral — “such a good man”, everyone kept saying, and they were all so kind, so tender. They walked past, shook our hands. The flowers and the casket were […]

writing about nature

[I’m at an all-day workshop for the writing class I’m taking, and I figure I might as well post my freewrites, as long as they don’t get too weird.] We did in fact walk in silence for long stretches, and it was nourishing. I don’t often get to be silent around other people, or to […]