2012: little things

Little random images/memories from 2012:

Sitting in the hall at PNW Drupal Summit, talking yarn with Ariane & others. (I can see faces but can’t remember names. Sorry.)

Biking to Pioneer Park with C, being able to lay in the sun & be warm as late as the end of September. In particular, thinking of the day I got back from a conference in Atlanta and being the only people there.

Saying goodbye to the old couple who were always at the Starbucks near TwinStar in the morning, and they wished me good luck.

Raina’s birthday weekend at a retreat near Mount Rainier: a May almost as warm as July, playing frisbee in the sun, lounging on the couch in the big lodge listening to Jackie play clarinet. Going for a run in my five-finger shoes on a quiet mountain road. (I was getting into that for a while, I should start again.)

And then the drive up to Lake Cushman for the first time, with C, during my long vacation. Still May, still gorgeous, and so hardly anyone there. Followed by a trip to the Bagby hot springs. Dozing in the tent with the fire crackling.

Trying out Basic D&D with “the Keep of Chaos”, trying to figure out how to adjudicate climbing a rope, killing Acey’s character with a 10′ pit. And then later having the lovely experience of watching the guys getting really creative approaching the lower level of Quasqueton, lowering a character down a hole to spy on a cave full of goblins, figuring out how to defeat said goblins by unleashing their own owlbear on them.

Being horribly sick with a cold during the big snow last January (whole town basically shut down for a week), but also being one of the very few houses in our neighborhood with power, so I could stay warm, watch Netflix, and eat homemade chicken chili.

Jam. In particular, having the brainstorm to use the grapes on our fence (planted by the neighbor before we moved in) to make grape jelly. And even the stuff that didn’t turn out still smelled really good.

Brunch with the ladies. Lots of brunches with the ladies. And becoming a regular someplace. (New Moon Cafe, downtown Olympia. It’s fabulous.)
Which reminds me of my birthday with Elizabeth: brunch, but more so biking to pick blueberries, when it was the farm owner’s birthday too. When he heard that he and Elizabeth had the same birthday, he gave her a hug. Walking down the rows of bushes picking berries and just talking. And then playing Munchkin while watching…a Star Trek movie? episode? Not sure now.

The changing view from my office window. At least twice I’ve seen rainbows. The trees going from fully leafed out to red/gold/brown, and now the sticks of the deciduous trees amongst the deep green of the evergreens.