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Archives for September 17th, 2012

Modular Content

I met these folks earlier today. Nice people, sounds like they’re doing interesting stuff. Wow. This is pretty intense. Also, they PREPARED CONTENT AHEAD OF TIME. This is almost more than I can handle right now. I don’t even. It’s a bit like what I’ve been doing with content types, but even more so. Like […]

Putting JavaScript into a Format

This one may be even nerdier than the previous ones, because it’s a very particular technical thing. (there’s Justin’s doppelganger again.) Is this going to be another knitting session, so I don’t get hopelessly distracted by Twitter? Chrome XML Tree extension. Just FYI. Dammit. Velocity. Oh, this is like the thing I built. Only I […]

Web Services

Oh dear, heavy accent. Which is fine, but will definitely take some extra effort to attend to. SOAP? Really? Not REST? (Not that I know much about either.) Anything with bulk changes. Is this where the “bug all page managers” thing I want to do comes in? Oh….also could use it to create a form […]

Template XSLT Formats

Trying to decide whether I’ll want to knit during this session. (And whether I want to go to the next one at all. Neither one is really calling to me.) Transforming one kind of XHTML into another XHTML? oh, hold on: this means i could make the content talk to the navigation so I could […]

Roadmap Session

I’ve never actually been to a conference for a specific vendor. It’s weird to see a presentation that includes how they moved into new offices. Still wondering what exactly it means for Cascade to have “full HTML5 support” — does that just mean that you can use new tags in content without them being stripped […]

Cascade User Conference liveblogging

Hey, it’s conference blogging! I haven’t done this in here in a while; when I went to PNW Drupal Summit last year, I was trying to move everything to my “Web Generalist” blog. But I’ve pretty much shuttered that, so now it’s here. For my loyal readers: Cascade Server is a content management system (CMS) […]