Twitter Digest for 2011-01-11

  • Bah, who put all this football in my twitter? (Btw, my boss the ducks fan is at the game.) #
  • @brosage @einmaleins @olybuzz confession: been reluctant to go back to bike bcs I like tweeting & reading on g2 on the bus. 🙂 #
  • @CatherineOmega actually, we might, altho I'm not sure…will check. in reply to CatherineOmega #
  • Grar…footnote links not working in overdrive, also no copy/paste? #ebook #library #
  • Really, weather channel app: I am aware that there might be snow somewhere at sometime. Stop reminding me! (Also: allcaps? Srsly?) #
  • @shelleypowers @olybuzz interview w/shooter's friend sounds like classic (!) onset of schizophrenia. 🙁 #
  • @shelleypowers @olybuzz reading abt 19th c politics is always an eye-opener. CRAZY rhetoric. Also, big takeaway: need for mental health care in reply to shelleypowers #
  • Back to the big flakes. Might be sticking to parking lot. Lovely view out office window. #
  • Snow falling in lacey. Pretty, not sticking to pavement. #
  • @hjames re childcare costs: my asst at prev job had 2 quit bcs she made too much to qualify for childcare assistance. (Was working 2 jobs) in reply to hjames #
  • @hjames being the DM can be a lot of fun! in reply to hjames #

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