Just have to get all this off my chest, don’t really want to do it on Twitter.

Rep Giffords’ husband is scheduled to pilot the last Shuttle flight ever later this year, and HIS twin brother is currently commander of the ISS.

The little girl who died was born on 9/11, was in student government, and was the only girl on her school’s baseball team.

Giffords’ life may have been saved by the actions of a brand-new college student intern. An elderly woman grabbed a second magazine out of the shooter’s hands before he could reload, while three guys tackled and held him down.

The rep herself was quoted being concerned about the violent rhetoric after the whole crosshairs map thing on the former VP candidate’s website. She survived being shot through the head at point-blank range.

An initially-sought person of interest turns out to be a taxi driver who needed the shooter to get change to pay his fare.

Reality or made-for-TV movie?

update: the old guy who died was trying to shield his wife when he was shot in the head. The little girl was the daughter of a baseball scout.

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