Twitter Digest for 2011-01-05

  • Showing @olybuzz twitter picture posting on my phone: (his creation, btw!) #
  • (IOW, holler if u want old Dragon mags.) RT @olybuzz: How much out-of-print D&D stuff should I give away to inspire the next generation? #
  • 2010 in MetaFilter: (cool infographic!) #
  • Midafternoon exhaustion wipeout. Plus it looks like I've missed all sorts of interesting tweets. I can haz nap + summary? #
  • @andrea looks really nice! Impressed by the subtle use of the Teal. 😉 in reply to andrea #
  • Got to the office & all my plants had been moved. Decided it was a sign to clean all the junk off my desk. Almost like this stark look. #

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