Twitter Digest for 2010-10-29

  • @simonstl mmmmm, Photoshop 4. Acrobat 3. (also, looks like some other random guy took over the site in '00. whatever happened to Seigel?) #
  • @xtracycle oh! that reminds me! @olybuzz towed a wheelbarrow behind his a couple weeks back, I want to post a pic. in reply to xtracycle #
  • @Oakwright "Is this elementary school?" Yes. Yes it is. in reply to Oakwright #
  • @ltackett that would be hilarious/awesome. alas, it was much more mundane reasoning. issues with connectivity or flash or something. in reply to ltackett #
  • @ltackett you know those news/promo screens you sometimes see in banks/credit unions? we have one in our office for testing. in reply to ltackett #
  • seen on the news screen at work (paraphrase): markets went lower because they heard markets are going to go lower. :\ #
  • RT @mattmay: Still wondering when people who hate Flash because 1 co controls it are going to realize HTML5 is fully controlled by ONE GUY. #
  • @heyrocker sorta hoping that's true. don't much care for Gang of 4 musically, but that seems f'd up philosophically. in reply to heyrocker #

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