iPhone web dev class, wk3

Jumped in 10 mins late…watching at the library on my laptop because I have FOL board at noon. But hey, I got in right at the start.

Oh shoot, I didn’t do the homework. 🙁 Also, this computer doesn’t have an iPhone simulator installed. Yay for not being prepared? Some pretty examples.

Today I don’t think I’m going to be playing along, unfortunately, between what’s installed on the macbook and the limited screen space. BUT, this has been a pretty good class, am thinking about getting either the downloads/video or her book.

Missed a chunk dealing with something in email. Going over basics of creative techs app page.

What, no alt attributes?

Logo is png – transparent with alpha (?), can’t remember the name of that thing that works in everything but IE. 🙂

Starting to muse about how to put together an actual mobile (smartphone) site for work.

Contact page and main page are different files.

Don’t forget about conflict between borders and rounded corners. Need to find a chevron image like that.

Basically, similar style for each page that has lists, although this video page has visual icons, included as actual file. I wonder if you could make it a background image on either the li or the a? (The A has the chevron as a background, so probably the LI, then alter the padding on the A to fit? Would need to fiddle with it myself.)

Form page — no action on the form? And no button? Interesting looking picker for select element, I wonder what happens on Android, Blackberry, Win Mobile? Ah, someone asked that very same thing! Wish C were handy so I could test. “Pop-up select menu” sez audience member (or was that staff?). Ok, she’s going over basics of the html for the select. Interesting that select/option text is teeny…is that an issue with the native browser or is it not covered by the existing CSS?

iphone interface guidelines as a starting point. are those on Apple site? apparently so. yep: huge long URL, will be on CT website.

Q: much that’s iphone specific so far? not really. (getting some hiccups in the video.)

Q: incorporate stuff from RSS feeds?

question about whether to use div — I would think that you could use h1 or h2 in a couple of these cases for semantic goodness. but she definitely has a reasonable argument.

video skipping out again!

looking at html again — a class=”list” ? 🙁 could you get away with ul#rounded li a?

iphone fonts? daring fireball has a list, apparently.

some srs “not getting the point”? the server-side doesn’t matter to the display.

arg gnarg. probably going to miss all the interesting bits. 🙁 darn friends of the library board meeting!

href=”tel:1-123-456-1234″ does the phone call thing. will it also work android et al? pretty cool. apparently should work in other apps. yay! (is w3c?)

ok, gotta close up and move.

launching email is the basic mailto, while just a regular maps.google.com link opens the maps app in iphone?

(honestly, a little sad to have missed the 2nd half of the class for the FOL board meeting.)