generational marketing

the four generations, like the four food groups

traditionalists (25-45), 75 mil

baby boomers (46-64)

gen x (65-80)

gen y, etc. (81-03)

we are outnumbered by everybody else. ::sigh::
“you are being held prisoner by traditionals & boomers.” imagine that. the “I AM the audience” syndrome. college catalog covers that faculty hate, students use as posters.

and by “old concepts of academic marketing” — if you have X, they will come.

pop culture references. go Simpsons! 😉 I wonder, do Y’s do everything as groups because they are still teens and teens do EVERYTHING as groups?

experiences and technologies. nothing terribly new here. cell phone as gen x?! not in the same was that TV was for the boomers? and “these kids are hardwired different from ours [brains]” not so much. or maybe us aspergers nerds are a generation ahead.
the herding cats ad.

more video. john wayne. what other movie was he in with Maureen O’Hara? (besides my favorite: the quiet man.) mcclintock? is it a comedy? [McLintock!]
traditionalists are grandparents of students. senior everybody. more history, more pop culture. (this looks like a much slicker version of a presentation that we had at a college event.)

70% of newspaper readers are over 40.

40% of tv/newspaper/print audiences are traditionalists; they fill the social/civic organization. oh so sad that those are dying. ::rolls eyes::

NYL ad.

boomers. ad. “I think you’ll like this.” yes, because most of you are. because it’s a spoof of the graduate, with hoffman of the dad.

parents of your students. returning students. “They like to think they’re still cool.” They were that way when I was in high school.

[the other day, we were watching Kids in the Hall. the “He’s Hip, He’s Cool, He’s 45” sketch series. heh.]

they think everything should speak to them. imagine that.

same media mix as traditionals. “you’re still a rebel.” most responsive to direct mail. hm. including reading their kid’s mail (and email). “she doesn’t know we read her email.” ew.

sprint ad: “but you are the man.”

the busy lassie ad. oh, they’re so very tired.

gen x. goofy ad with kitty and spaghetti sauce. cynical. (ya think.) nontrad students. stay at home dad generation?

they don’t trust you, because it’s all bs. “just fill my classes and shut the door when you’re done.”

no hype. prove it.

media mix: tv news on comedy central. 86+% are web-savvy. permission marketing, nothing unsolicited.

that’s not cynical. that’s stupid. chicken in vests.

practical side. but “they’re all about style.” huh?

ad with guy running away from work who goes back because he sees a cool car.

dropping landlines in record numbers. boomers got sexual revolution, we got AIDS. wasn’t that a line in a movie?

don’t buy warm fuzzy.

big list of percents of stuff done online.

pew internet study; cox-otto college web choice. job training & retraining paths are important. (isn’t that just a function of age?)

practical, practical, practical. that, and flexible. guy who works for them, came to interview, grilled them, made very clear that he needed a flex schedule to do stuff with/for his kids.

market death: ads on news, standing line, cookies on web, warm & fuzzy.

gen y. star of own show. (and how is that different from either boomers or your average teen of the last 60 years?)

starbucks ad.

ad making fun of hummers.

ad (with buffy’s sister?) supposedly making fun of boomers, bathtub cleanser.

pay attention parents because they’ll protect. curling parents: like the sport, smoothing the ice. (is that like “helicopter parents”?)

majority of students.

era of brands. again, how is that not like jordache when we were kids?

“how their little brains work” experienced by 20 what boomers experienced by 40.

they trust you, but they have to go with friends. going to disappoint faculty.

not reading. except when they are (on a screen). group events.

“which makes me feel a little better” (picking up subliminal fear messages from boomer parents?)

two-fers — class that’s also a service project.

TV, targeted; less than 10% are not web-dependent; permission marketing; produce their own digital content. [she needs to drink some water.]

buying spots on exactly the right show.

want instant response.

ad with water balloon fight in abandoned city. (xbox)

what is up with her saying “their little brains”

ad with 60s band following around some office lady.

wireless, surfing for fun. web w/cell. (really?) 2000 IMs in 30 days. males are mobile & hard to find. (neo)

wired for complexity.

like to keep their .edu email active.


don’t care about good grade. (I thought I read something recently about kids of the same age being really pressured to do well. this is the problem of oversimplifying.)
don’t choose college by site, but will use to cut from the list.

again with the IM.

making fun of hyperbole. group projects. type 1: safe & protected. type 2: your own adventure. (extreeeeeme!)

market death: no web service/messaging, no web complexity, traditional media.

1 in 3 do online art, photo, story, etc.

3D mental maps, spatial & temporal signposts.  (hey, maybe C is also a generation ahead!)

dilemma: branding across generations.

convince inside boomers to listen & be fair.  PODs for website.  (audience-based navigation?)

refs that they use.  (ah, richard florida)

q: could ncmpr put this up for downloading?  she can put it on their site.  can send DVD with vids.

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  1. Let me guess — the seminar leader was a Boomer. Totally doesn’t get Gen Y, and not really Gen X.

    UDub did a survey this year asking the following question:
    “Should all course material — syllabi, class assignments, etc. — be made available online?”

    About 2/3rds of the surveyed faculty said “no.” About 2/3rds of the surveyed students said “yes.”

    And no one on campus knows what to do with this survey.

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