edgefield verdict

room: decent enough. on the smallish side, and cold the first night. (last night we found the extra blanket.) not super-thrilled about the 3rd-floor-walkup aspect, but a really nice view. no wifi from that far corner of the building.

food: meh. radically overpriced, IMHO, for what it is. this may actually be the most Disney aspect of the whole experience, paying high prices for uneven or mediocre quality food. the mocha I got at the espresso bar was pretty lousy and way more expensive than Starbucks, even.

service: uniformly friendly.

the bathroom scene: the “European-style” bathroom down the hall thing wasn’t too bad, and the big tubs were lovely.

atmosphere: this is of course where Edgefield goes grownup-disney. whimsical everything, carefully planned garden vistas, etc., etc.

C had the idea that it would be fun to have a role-playing game convention here, and I think he’s right.  Maybe even a bit of subversion to it, filling the place with gaming nerds.

I’d come here again, under a few circumstances….  Bikes on hand. A bigger room, closer to the core of the building. Plan for food options elsewhere.