new markets

(or, damn boomers, still.)

NYT article on CC’s & retirees.

most people won’t be retiring. he’s including volunteering work as work.

the usual demographic stuff: americans are getting older. 30-ish% of Pac NW population will be boomers. fewer younger workers.

[okay, just so y’all know where I am on this…. I am 32 years old, right in the heart of Gen X. I have been hearing about the boomers for my entire life. it’s like living in the vicinity of a gravity well.]

values of boomers. “entitlement”! heh.

missed something. programs that are more holistic, for people planning the next phases of their lives. not just jobs, but also civic engagement. interesting. pointed out handout photocopy of brochure.

financial calculator. opportunity to sit down and think about finances, actual readiness for retirement, because most people haven’t done it. most workshops have a vested interest in selling something, and they don’t. good point.

they use a “loaned executive” program, like United Way!

lots of partnerships.

used by some companies to get people to retire early. hm.

“libraries for the future”?

don’t have the money to offer it to the public; now just through employers. looking for $$$ through foundations.

place to gather — build social networks. (as an alternative to the workplace.)

25% of 77 million people (over 65? boomers?) will go back to school at some point.

every 8 seconds, another boomer turns 60. 2 weeks ago the 2nd presenter hit that number himself. “maybe you had had this experience too” getting AARP letter when turning 50. [oh, no, of course a boomer couldn’t be an old person. ::rolls eyes::]

“how elders will save the world” (recent book title)

separate initiative from their existing senior classes or community education.  (do the folks working in that feel snubbed?)  again, using outsiders.  new classes charge twice as much. “workshops”  focus on luxury education, as far as I can tell.  (of course rich boomers get better food than the plebes.)

“high touch” — so…what this morning’s presenter was talking about, with the needs of students getting out of generational poverty, but who gets that treatment? people who have time and money to take these sorts of workshops.  I find that troubling.

one-day: $120; half-day: $60.  (usually)  concludes with reception.  since viticulture center, includes wine.

marketing: schedule, incl. CE; direct mail; web; email newsletters becoming more of their primary marketing; and of course word of mouth.  branded separately from the rest of the college.

q: where do they get email lists? students on registration, so building slowly.  students want to be connected in this way.

q: who do you see as competition? willamette u is doing something similar.  (I almost went there.)  elderhostel.

q: “our class schedule, while we still have it” — go further? he’s not in charge anymore.  somebody will be talking about it at the roundtable.  (I’ll be at that and hopefully have a good summation.)