bad instinct

“Go with the gut.”

The problem with that, when one is depressed, is that the gut is very busy giving very bad advice.

When I am depressed, my gut instinct is to run away or hide, one way or another.  Go to bed.  Don’t talk to anybody.  Disappear into food, TV or the intarwebs.  Avoid, avoid, avoid.

So it takes (a) chemical assistance along with (b) an extreme effort to do what actually needs to be done.  Whatever that is.

(I don’t know what prompted that train of thought, only that it came to me as I was cycling home, and that it felt like something that needed to be shared.)

One Reply to “bad instinct”

  1. That train of though is so true though
    The other thing that you can try is just telling someone then you don’t have to fight it on your own.
    Tell someone then they can help you fight to get going.

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