oh, that’s better

last night, round about 2 am, the weather broke, and all of a sudden I needed blankets!  and when I woke up in the morning, the sky was entirely overcast.  I don’t think I’ve been so happy to see clouds in a very long time. 😉

and nicely, it cleared up around 1 pm, and the afternoon was beautifully sunny, warm without being too hot, all those great things that I love about this place.

only I spent most of the afternoon in a dentist’s chair, getting a filling replaced.  bleh.  my mouth is only just now all the way back to normal, and I can’t have anything chewy or crunchy until tomorrow evening.

I’ll leaven that by saying that my new dentist is still very, very cool — she even called a few hours later! — and the chair was in front of a window, so there was bright sunlight.  (Plus overhead TV; god how I love TV at the dentist.)

tomorrow I go back to the office for the first time since Friday before last…I’ve been working, but not at the college…let’s see if I can manage to get up sufficiently early tomorrow! 🙂