tidbits from today’s picketing

I had a great conversation with a former ENA president who has been picketing for an hour every day, all week long.  She said that she’s had lots of people come up and thank her.

We had one counter-protester. A middle-aged man, very jovial.

About 20 people showed, and this time we split pretty evenly between 4th ave. & State st.

I swear there were fewer cars in the parking lot than would be usual at that time of day on a Friday.

I realized I’d been locking my knees when I saw my physical therapist drive by…and honk.  (How cool is that?)

One of the most fun things, honestly? Smiling and waving at people who frowned at us, gave us thumbs-down, or yelled.  (Usually I couldn’t tell what they were yelling, anyway.)

Janet told me, at the end, not to burn myself out.  And I don’t feel burnt out…although I did come home and take a long tepid shower, and then devoured a handful of tacos. Instead, I feel happy and empowered.
In addition, I finished laying down gravel at the back of the house.  Happy happy.