the posse visits the vet

Today we took all the cats to the vet to get a regular checkup and shots.? It is a little less expensive to have them all in at once, if a little crazy-making.

First, we had to round up enough containers to put them all in.? Over the weekend, we picked up two new carriers, which added to the one we already own, left us one short.? So Pico got to ride in a zip-up laundry hamper.

She and Maddy went quietly, but of course Sasha had to be chased down and practically folded in.? Boingo was deep into a nap, and very unhappy to be woken up and stuffed in a box.? Everybody got settled into the car; Pico in my lap, the rest of the gang in the back.

Luckily, our vet is about two block away, but with the weird intersections and one-way streets, it was a ride of twice that length to get them all there.? Boingo whined all the way.

Then the same shuffle of carriers (and one hamper) into the vet’s office, where they quickly cleaned up a room for us and our gang.

I really like the vet; she has a low-key manner with both humans and animals.? The gang picked their corners, once they were let out, and she gradually worked through weighing, checking, and boostering them, one at a time. We own just shy of 50 pounds worth of cat, definitely not divided equally.? (Boingo weighs almost twice what Sasha does!)

Maddy was the most mellow…until it was her turn for shots.? Then she was all snarling teeth and twitching tail. C and the vet had to work together to keep her still!

Everyone got taken care of, and we put them back in the carriers (I swear, Pico likes riding in the laundry hamper), and C drove them home while I settled the bill.? Ouch! But at least they’re all good for a year; 3 for rabies shots.

They’re all a little subdued this evening, although it’s hard to tell that from the usual feline lethargy.? I’m just happy to have done my duty by my much loved posse.

2 Replies to “the posse visits the vet”

  1. If you want a little easier try taking them one at a month. That is what mom does.
    What is funny is that I had to take one of the cats to the vets today becuase he needed a blood test for the time he will spend in the kennel. And he was so not mellow, he cried almost every two mins.

  2. we got a volume discount by taking them all at once…seriously! and this way I don’t have to remember who goes which month. 🙂

    why’s the cat going to be in a kennel?

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