cozy quiet Sunday

Today I made a little cake, a cute little French cake, that almost turned out perfectly. Alas, the baking powder was old and didn’t get mixed it quite right (and I think there was a bit more than necessary) — and it didn’t get cooked quite long enough — so it was less than ideal. The bad bits were very nasty, but the good bits were fantastic.

Another quiet weekend day….

I cleaned some of the house, did some laundry, even stepped out and fussed in the garden beds. And was astonished to discover an anemone in bloom. Bits of green on the honeysuckle. And, alas, grass growing gaily up through the oregano.

It may have been raining most of the last two months, but it’s also been (relatively) mild — about 45 degrees all the time, day and night. Only when the sky is clear does it get any colder at night or warmer during the day.

Kat called today, too. Yay! She is one of those rare people that I can actually have good phone chats with. Generally I hate talking on the phone, but Kat & I…it’s kinda like when I was a teenager. Of course I wish she lived closer, but I’ll take good conversation in any case.

C. has been reading Chuck Norris’ autobiography with much enthusiasm and goofiness.

The cats are well, too.

Oh, I almost wish the work week would never come. At this moment I feel so peaceful and cozy…..