life stuff roundup

A few long, tired days under my belt…the surgery went quite well. We get final final results from pathology tomorrow, but they’re thinking it’s non-malignant. Whew. He’s been in minimal pain, considering, and the people at the hospital were *fabulous*. Gnarly scar on the neck, with stitches coming out next week.

I really need to bring my laptop or something to work, because it’s just too damn hot in my office in the afternoon. Either that, or more caffeine, mule!

Still working on my little story; I don’t know where it’s going at this point.

Mental health is heading into positive territory, I think/hope. At my physical, my new doctor (who I LOVE) noted that I’d lost 7 pounds since April 14. I haven’t really been _trying_ as such, but I think I’m eating more rationally. Definitely a better quality of sleep, too.

The scary part, right now, is the long climb to “normality” that I now see ahead of me. There’s a lot of work to do, and it will take real work to keep a positive attitude about it all.

Good weather helps, definitely: today was supposed to be record-setting, and with the long days, I can bike in the early morning or in the evening. It’s that low-grade-SAD that hits the whole NW, that when it lifts can leave one a little giddy.

I’m trying to make a decision about spending money I don’t actually have to do something that would be really emotionally meaningful….