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I’m sure this is entirely dull to anybody but me, but it does help me to write what I’m feeling close to when I’m feeling it, to get a sense of how my moods flow through the day.

Still tired a lot of the time, and I don’t know quite how much is being low emotionally, and how much is just being a little bit sleep-deprived all the time. I love my cats, but they do seem to interrupt myself just about every night, even when I manage to get to bed on time.

I got what should be good news about my knee yesterday: went to the orthopedist, who asked a bunch of questions, tweaked my legs in several directions, asked me to walk back and forth, and then told me to take Aleve, 4 pills a day. Along with the exercises, it should get me 80+% of the way to normal in a couple of weeks.

Nice to have something be that simple.

Had a huge burst of anxiety early on in the day, triggered by things I hadn’t done that I’d meant to do, plus a big project I wasn’t looking forward to, plus a bit of med-induced queasiness. So I wrote out what was make me so uneasy, and looked for things I could *do* to work through it. A few emails, some oatmeal, and just getting started set me back in the right direction.

Forced myself to communicate in a few different ways today, too…email to Kat, plus a couple of work conversations I was nervous about, which turned out just fine.

Later I’m going to stretch myself again, going to the neighborhood association board meeting, both to talk web stuff and to get more involved in general.

I’m going to quote Kermit, quoting Doctor Who, from a recent comment (why don’t I have permalinks for my comments?!):

?Courage isn?t just a matter of not being frightened, you know. It?s being afraid, and doing what you have to do anyway.?

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