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Archives for November 2004

when gaming goes bad

I don’t *really* want to talk about it, because it was part of an overall lousy day, but I do want to have some record of the downspiral of a game, and to rescue some sort of positive lesson (there are a couple) from the experience. on the other hand, it makes me unreasonably sad […]

lovely thankful day

no special plans: just making and then eating food. (the eating part hasn’t happened yet.) honestly, I think Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. very low stress, especially when it’s just us two and no timelines. today was absolutely beautiful too, clear & bright. now the full moon is shining through the tall front […]

cats and stress

Boingo’s been ill, was pretty bad the end of last week, but is gradually getting better. and now Piko has diarrhea too, so I’m guessing she’ll need a round of the same antibiotics and such that Boingo is taking. and won’t *that* be fun…since she’s still super-rambunctious kitten-bomb. that’s the other thing: even with Boingo […]

apropos of nothing in particular

Sometimes I wonder if I’m measuring my professional success on an entirely different scale than most of the people in my equivalent role. When I have that thought, I have to remind myself about HEWD experience, where I actually felt like I might be ahead of the curve in something… …for once in my life. […]


back up for the time being.


when you hit alt-w instead of alt-tab when sifting through the tabs in the browser window, and then realize you don’t give a damn, then it’s time to turn off the computer.


I’m feeling numb and worn-out, although that may have as much to do with # 5 hrs sleep # many meetings # not eating lunch until 4 pm as anything else. more later, when I think I’m ready to start processing.