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Archives for August 2004

a little different, a little better, sort of

I went back to work today, briefly, then went home with a cold (!) when C went to get his dad to help with some work on the kitchen. I’ll admit, I helped a little, inbetween sniffles. I learned some stuff, too, and dad was certainly a civilizing influence on the process. it was lovely […]

everyone dies frustrated and sad and that is beautiful

I’m in a little different space than when I wrote a couple of days ago, I’m not sure if it’s better, but it’s different, anyway. divorce is on hold for the time being…maybe if we can get the kitchen a lot further along this week, then it may go on hold indefinitely. I think that’s […]

big d

I didn’t want to be writing this…I still don’t want to be writing this, and I may not publish it. I feel numb and sick…today we had the fight (short but loud) that really ended it. we drove out to the family court in stony silence and picked up paperwork. I’m at the library downtown […]

by way of an announcement

How to get out of the audience and onto the stage I’m going to be presenting a “showcase” at HighEdWebDev 2004 about our recent assessment project. (By then, our sexy new site design and info architecture will be in place!) I’m nervous, but in a good way. my main goal is to be not boring: […]

it’s like pulling teeth…

but I’m finally getting some things done. today a guy came out and relocated the gas pipe in our kitchen so it’s inside the wall, instead of sticking out in the room where it’s a perennial pain in the ass. talked to a contractor today, too, about putting an interior window in the wall between […]

wordpress: rocking my world.

I got struck a couple of days back with a comment spam attack…nothing got thru the moderation queue, and it was a few moments work to delete everything from the admin center. I will say, though, that the attacker did include some clever comments: lots of quotes from Dune-related material, Dr. Who, Rocky Horror, etc. […]

it was this kind of weekend

lots of chillin’ — although surprisingly more energy than usual. I went nuts with cleaning Saturday morning, probably more so than I have at any point since we moved into this house two years ago. we went for a big walkabout in the Black Hills with J today, which was totally strenuous on my ankles, […]


I woke to the sound of serious rainfall this morning…and the street in front of our house is starting to look like some guy with a wooden boat & a bunch of animals might come rolling down at any moment. what the heck happened to August? yes, yes, I know rain this time of the […]


I know my policy is not to talk about work…let’s just say I’m feeling a little schizo.