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  1. Neat stuff. Reminds me of the IA Summit I went to in Baltimore a couple of years ago when I was at loose ends. I hope you bought Christina’s book while you were there. My favorite part is the CEO who has a dream and orders his web site redesigned as a result. (If you have the book, I’ll tell you why that’s my favorite part….)

    Thanks for taking such detailed notes for those of us who couldn’t be there.

  2. unfortunately, they ran out of copies! but I did check out a copy from the library a while back, and I know it’s a great book! (I think I remember the story about the CEO’s dream site….) one of these days I’ll pick up a copy; until then, I have a well-thumbed copy of the “polar bear” book.

  3. Very impressive! Sorry about the crowded rooms, we’ll fix that for next year. Yes, we know, WiFi is born to be free… we’ll explore some ideas… hard to do with the OCC being union and not really up for us using our own WiFi (they charge us “per user”).

  4. Thanks! It’s an amazing conference (last year I went by accident and enjoyed it so much that I had to go for the whole thing this year), and the amount of volunteer work is astounding.

    Other than the crowded rooms, which I think gave it a good vibe, the only change I’d like to see is more attendee-to-attendee interaction. some of us are not-so-great networkers in person. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the great notes! The feedback you’ve got in there is very helpful — especially for a first time speaker like myself! It was good to meet you as well!

  6. You’re welcome. 🙂 I would’ve liked to have seen you do something different, honestly, rather than trying to take Doug’s topic. (And that big room must’ve been a little daunting!)

    A practicum with the “Designing the Band” project would’ve been nice, for example, as a project that puts all the pieces together. I loved the Sally story, and I think the anecdotes from the cafe testing are in the same vein. That, and it would’ve been a nice counterpoint to the Flash sites in the web design panel. 😛

  7. Yeah, I’d have liked to do something different myself. Maybe really focus on “gorilla” usability in much more detail, but I really didn’t have much time and actually didn’t know I could have changed the topic until it was basically too late. Hopefully if I ever get the opportunity again I can come up with my own topic and have much more time to prepare! But I guess with this stuff you’ve got to start somewhere.

    It’s harder than I’d have thought and much, much more of a challenge than trying to distill my thoughts into a blog post.

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