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Archives for July 2004

where the book falls open…

VIII I can see myself years back at Sunion, hurting with an infected foot, Philoctetes in woman’s form, limping the long path, lying on a headland over the dark sea, looking down the red rocks to where a soundless curl of white told me a wave had struck, imagining the pull of that water from […]

random observations

there are three men in my driveway, gradually disassembling a buick…at least it isn’t on the lawn anymore. (even if it doesn’t work at the end of this experience, it’ll be towed to the actual owner’s place, and thus out of my world entirely.) I’m raring to go on a long bike ride, but first […]

things I can’t photograph

* Boingo jumping the neighbor’s fence * bees in the oregano * daffodils (not that there are any around now)

better in the morning

I appreciate the responses from Dorothea & Kermit to yesterday’s extended anxious whine. (I thought about deleting it entirely, but decided against it.) today I’ve called a few therapists…and my inlaws, to whom I owed a bit of explanation. (I have inlaws? this continues to surprise me; but I love them a lot. dad gave […]

this is not a cry for help

but today I made this list in my head: * I haven’t written more than a page on my (10-year!) novel in the last six months. * I haven’t written more than a half-dozen poems longer than 3 lines in the last couple of years. * I have been dreaming a lot, but can’t remember […]

something a little different

I’m trying the PHP-driven dynamic text replacement on the headers, now that I’ve again found the font that the header images were created with. so far, though I’m noticing that it’s not handling those special characters very well. I’ll need to look into that if I’m going to keep this method. (I wonder if it’s […]


I’d be writing this on snapping links, but I can’t post there because my admin password is written down on a squib of paper that’s in a stack of squibs of paper in my office…and I didn’t change the profile to add an email address, so I can’t even email it to myself. what I […]


closing in on 100 (F) here in the shade of the carport. I’m just languishing, waiting for the afternoon to pass and the cool of evening to come. the one serious difference between the (rare) heat here and the (frequent) heat down in so cal is that down there, it gets hot earlier and cools […]

at least I’m not having this sort of day…

Yes, our server crashed. Yes, our server administrator is on vacation. No, his cell phone is not on. At least the liquor store is open. from an email list….

being a better person

yesterday I had sort of a long philosophical ramble in my paper notebook on the way home, something about being the kind of person that I want to be. part of that is being more social. (“sad, but social”) today, I emailed a person I don’t really know, and an old boss (no, not Don […]