never gone for good

today I talked to my ex, which was a good thing; sounds like he’s going through an interesting patch. (since when has he not been?) the hour-long chat was mostly massive catch-up, since we haven’t talked in something like two years. (the spring before I moved to Oly?)

I feel as though I want to write something more about it, but I don’t know what yet. I’m happy to hear from him, anyway. hopefully, with the intarweb, it won’t be so infrequently that we communicate.

oh, and a note about googling for people, just FYI: in your initial searching, don’t include place names. the simpler the search, the more likely you’ll get something worthwhile. ‘kay, hon? 😉

2 Replies to “never gone for good”

  1. Omigod, my folks told me that he was at the old house a few days ago calling for me to come out of there. I couldn’t help but L.M.A.O.

    They said they gave him my number, but I haven’t heard from him yet. Does that boy just not leave messages or something?

  2. No, apparently not, tho he said it was that our machine wasn’t taking messages. (of course, we have such poor luck with answering machines that I wasn’t too surprised.)

    Yeah, he said he’d tried going over to your folks’…I did tell him that we had patched it up and all that, that you’d met Morgan, etc. (Y’know, sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone who knows you from way the hell back.)

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