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Archives for December 2003

yet another less-than-lovely christmas

last year, I fell and hurt my ankle. (emergency room on christmas eve!) this year, just a cold. but it meant another christmas of mostly sleeping. (not that I was too well prepared even without the cold. I used to love christmas, now it fills me with dread: too much to do, and I’m always […]


I surrender. this time I have, in fact, caught C’s cold. no sniffles, really, but I feel like I’m breathing with a heavy weight on my chest, and my throat just won’t stop hurting. (cold beverages seem to help.) so there will be a hot shower, and a silly movie, and then some sleep. tomorrow […]

holiday snapshots

christmas looks to be as mellow as thanksgiving was, although this time both of us are fighting off colds (C was sick at thanksgiving). I came home a little early today and got some cool pictures of the tree, stockings, etc…. (the picture in the corner where the site name usually goes is of the […]

C’s theory of the ring

on a less gloomy note, C came up with a theory this morning about why the hobbits were (relatively more) able to bear the Ring: it’s because they don’t wear shoes…their bare feet allow them to remain grounded. no, seriously. it made sense to me….

unpleasant surprises

“Liz writes about the aftermath of her brother-in-law’s death”:http://mamamusings.net/archives/2003/12/20/how_to_live_life.php and formulates a simple rule: bq. Live so that no one you love will be unpleasantly surprised by what they find when you die. I have a bit of experience with that myself, though probably not as directly as what she’s going through. Seven years ago […]

tolkein madness

got home a little bit ago from seeing Return of the King at the Seattle Cinerama…after spending the whole afternoon/evening before at Kat’s watching the first two movies (extended editions, of course). so good…. (when Eowyn pulled off her helmet and killed the Nazgul, I swear the whole theater let out a cheer.) more later….

invisible adjunct goes nuts with the quizzes…

“What color are you?”:http://www.invisibleadjunct.com/archives/000389.html — hmmm, must be grading season. But I love this: bq. After Henry croaked, Katherine dropped the prim and proper act and married Thomas Seymour, a dashing pirate-y kind of guy who was dumb as a post. Which goes to show you that even bookworms know how to get it on. […]

as k calls it, pasturbations

sometimes you shouldn’t be nostalgic, but you are anyway. (having seen X-Men movies recently, and listening to Cranberries (followed by Depeche Mode!), and been working on reuniting Aila and Reboa. sigh.)


I’m finding I actually like the undesign I’ve got now. partially because the visited link color works with the purple in the crocus. I do want just a little bit more, though. more of *what* — that I can’t yet say.