form and function

I’m wondering how my journal-style blogging will be affected by the switch in software, especially since I’ve used mt for something like 9 months primarily for blogging of the link-comment variety.

I’m finding myself wanting a larger font, for one thing (god I’m getting old) and a window that stretches across more of the screen, for another. I want the post button closer to the entry box, too. (I actually know how to do that one already.) I’m wondering how or if I should be using the extended entry box or the excerpt box and how to build my archives beyond the duplication of what blogger gave me. what about categories?! Then there’s the whole RSS (etc) question…but then we’re getting beyond what it does to the writing, I think. or are we?

there’s always been something simple about the format of “emergency weblog” — I actually sort of resisted adding titles, because it was too formal. I wanted, and still want, something that’s almost an analog of my paper journal, which eschews all structure to be just words (and sometimes little sketches) on paper. blogger was just the big box with the button above it…this is…more like an application, “real” software that can be endlessly configured and fiddled with. will that take away from the rush of just writing, albeit more of a performance than my paper journal.

(aside: is my paper journal any less a performance? I was explicitly inspired by journals/diaries which had been published, most notably Anais Nin, and in my more vainglorious days, dream of my journals leaving some sort of record of my life and my writing. I think I’m still writing to be read, just with the assumption that I’ll either be dead or really famous or both by then.)