today amazon is not my friend

so a little while ago I got an credit card (god help me), which came with a $30 promotional certificate. today I finally went digging through my email, having pretty much decided what I was going to get.

Be sure to make your first purchase with the card before the promotional certificate expires on 08/31/2003.

self: looks at calendar. oh, today is 09/05/2003. crud.

and the other thing I was going to do was to buy one of C’s books for next quarter, which I noticed was substantially less expensive than the price listed in the bookstore. it’s out of stock. grrrr.

and as usual, my gold box is filled with junk I neither need (another electric razor? don’t they know I bought one less than six months ago?) or want (a RC monster truck?!).

at least I’m getting lots of nickels with their silly branding quizzes.