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for some reason, the last two entries wouldn’t publish. hopefully this will turn the tide. (yes, someday I will probably switch this over to MT, but not now.)

on writing

until I went to the dentist today and got whacked for the rest of the day by a combo of headache, novocaine, and the lingering effects of nitrous, I was spending most of my free moments (in particular, on the vanpool van) writing bits and pieces of “Part II.” damn good feeling. it’s not like […]

this sounds like a few people I know or have known

from Joe Clark: I reiterate my shibboleth about curmudgeons: Up people persons do not understand that curmudgeons are romantic and idealistic and, as a result, jaded and eternally disappointed. We know how well the world would work if we ran it, and we know how badly off it is now. The discrepancy frustrates us, inducing […]

what does it mean…

when my site is the number one hit on google for abandoned things?

elegaic thoughts

I find I still like what I wrote last year on my birthday, just as a counter-point to today’s general mellowness. also, we got news yesterday that a coworker in our IT department committed suicide. what an awful, awful thing.

beats not having another birthday

I’m sort of ambivalent about my birthday. not the age thing so much — I’ve had enough friends and co-workers in my life who wig out about their age that now I find that attitude bores me. just the whole thing of having a day that’s ostensibly to celebrate oneself. I’m shy, but oh how […]

just fyi

tomorrow is my 29th birthday. not that you’d buy me something from my wishlist or anything…. 😉

i actually got something done today

finally washed the car. for the first time since before our road trip over a month ago. dead bugs, pink dust…oh, and lots of aphid (poop?) from our very own wacky aspen trees. (any suggestions for getting rid of aphids in trees?) frankly, it needs to be washed again, but at least now I don’t […]

today amazon is not my friend

so a little while ago I got an amazon.com credit card (god help me), which came with a $30 promotional certificate. today I finally went digging through my email, having pretty much decided what I was going to get. Be sure to make your first purchase with the card before the promotional certificate expires on […]