so I suppose I’ve been remiss

All the action lately has been over at snapping links lately, because it’s suited my voracious info-appetite. Which is not to say that I haven’t also been ruminating.

I meant to write about the whole introversion/extroversion thing in re: relationships that Dorothea & Jonathan were chewing on, but I think it might be too late for that. (in summation: 2 major relationships with extroverts – one lasted exactly five years and ended amiably, the other is going just fine, thank you for asking. one major relationship of sorts with a fellow introvert, which never quite got going, or to where I think it could’ve been, in part because we had such poor communication.)

I’m back to work now, which I guess is okay. my mellow is starting to wear off (a day of meetings will do that to a gal), but it’s nice to dig back into some projects that I left, which reminds me that I need to take my XSLT book to work tomorrow. (oh, heck, and I forgot to do something today….)

I went to a writers’ group in Olympia tonight, which was…I don’t know. it meets in a bookstore, which I find a little awkward, esp. with the PA going off every few minutes. and it’s more like a support group than a critique group: a little discussion, conversation, etc., and then a couple of people read (some I liked, some not so much). I think I’ll try it again, maybe check out the critique group next week, see if it’s something I can groove with. although I’ll say that just thinking about writing was good for me; I got a snippet of “connective tissue” for the balaton story, and started thinking again about Aila. (yes, I swear, someday I’ll be done. just don’t ask when.)

I actually saw copies of Google Hacks and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom in the bookstore today, which was cool and eerie. for some reason, it made something (me? the web?) feel more real. that, and having a member of the SLAM (student literary arts magazine) editorial board and English instructor bring up blogging quasi out of the blue…like my little hobby/obsession actually means something to the rest of the world.

oh, and I really, really, really want to write about re-reading the SLAM fiction, and my feelings recently about being in a few mixed-gender social settings, but I’m concerned about treading on potential toes. I’m horribly painfully aware of the public nature of the space, again and all of a sudden.

but in any case, it’s almost 11, and I need to get some sleep before tomorrow. god help me, I think I have a meeting right at the start of the day.