it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

it really is…the sun is shining through enormous fluffly grey-white clouds, and this morning I went out onto the front step to wave off C. as he biked to a local bakery to get pasteries for breakfast this morning and a baguette to go with dinner, and everywhere birds were chirping. the grass is green and the air is mild and smells of spring. the tulips are still struggling out of the earth and the leaf litter I covered them with last fall. sunlight streams through all the windows on the south side of the house, and Jane Siberry’s voice floats creamily out of my crummy little computer speakers.

so, I’m going to finish up my market spice tea, finish tidying up my desk, and go outside. if you can’t enjoy the out of doors today, read this 1998 profile of Mr. Rogers instead, and remember a beautiful day and the people you love. (thanks to Anita for the link)

after doing some yardwork (still not really gardening), I took some pictures around the neighborhood.